3 Basic Rules About Small Generators That You Should Know Before Travelling

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If you’re going on a camping trip in a caravan, there are several rules that you should remember before using a small, portable generator.

3 Basic Rules About Small Generators That You Should Know Before Travelling

Having a small, portable generator onboard your motorhome or caravan during your adventures can provide you with a reliable source of power. This outdoor equipment can power essential small appliances, including your lights, stove, refrigeration unit, and even your air conditioner. 

If you’re planning on travelling across Australia in a camper or caravan, there are three generator basics that you have to remember. 

Check if the campground allows the use of small generators

Some campground and caravan parks do not permit the use of generators because of the noise it makes. The outdoor power equipment can also pose a potential fire hazard if not used properly. 

Before you make plans about reserving your spot on a campground, do some research and check whether the park allows you to use a generator and whether they have any guidelines on its usage. 

Place your small generator far from neighbours

Generator technology has greatly improved in recent years. The power equipment now offers higher outputs and less noise. However, this doesn’t mean that nearby campers would always be okay with having it placed nearby. 

Basic generator etiquette at camping grounds involves setting up your equipment away from fellow campers. This prevents them from being exposed to the noise or fumes that the machine produces. 

Another decorum is to only run your generator during the day. Doing so prevents you from waking up your neighbours when they’re trying to sleep at night. 

Consider where you would store your generator and fuel

Before investing in a generator, consider where you plan to store it in your motorhome, RV or caravan. This machine is small and highly portable, which means it would be easy to steal, even if it’s packed away. 

In addition to storing the generator, camper van owners should also consider where to store fuel safely. Generator fuel is highly combustible, which means it would be best to keep your containers out of the heat. 

Some caravans and motorhomes come with a built-in generator bin where you can store your outdoor power equipment. You can also install compartmentalised boxes to your caravan’s exterior where you can store your fuel containers. Be sure these fuel containers are safe for sun exposure.

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