3 Summer Camping Tips For A Memorable Outdoor Adventure

Summer Camping Tips

If you plan to go camping this summer, being prepared and packing the right gear can help assure that your trip out into the wilderness won’t take a turn for the worst or present any unwanted surprises. Camping in Australia has become easier in recent years, especially because there are now more campsites accessible to individuals and families looking to take a holiday.

If you’re planning to go on an adventure during the warmer months, here are 3 summer camping tips to help you make your trip worth it. 


During the summer, your goal is to keep as much sun and bugs off of your skin while allowing it to breathe. This means you’d likely benefit from wearing lighter fabrics, like an ultralight merino T-shirt. 

Many campers prefer to wear light cotton T-shirts. While the material can be useful in hot weather, it also soaks up a lot of sweat. This makes it more likely to stink really fast. A merino shirt can keep your body drier and will last longer periods of constant wear before it gets smelly. No one wants a stinky campmate! 

Camping experts also recommend against wearing shorts while summer camping. Shorts leave a big part of your legs exposed, putting them at risk of getting scraped on brush or irritants, such as mosquito bites. 

There are breathable, soft-shell pants designed to resist abrasion and penetration while allowing its wearer to move unrestricted. There are also pants with zips at the knee should you want to remove the bottom half come a chill time in the evenings. 

If you are camping for more than a few days, you may want to consider how you’ll dry or air out your clothes. People who camp in tents bring with them a hank of paracord and some clothespins, while campers who stay in RVs typically have washing machines available. 

Food and Drinks

One of the best camping memories involves cooking food over a fire pit in the summer evening. However, cooking over fire in the middle of the day during the warmer season can be unbearable. This is why camping experts recommend saving the cooking for dinner. 

If you’re bringing raw meats or vegetables with you, you’ll want to use a cooler or a refrigerator to keep your stuff cold and prevent rotting. If you’re using a cooler, make sure to pack a separate cooler just for drinks, which makes for easy access. 

If you’re using a refrigerator, you may want to bring with you a small, portable generator to keep your appliance running for as long as eight hours. 


During summer, the weather conditions can be hot and humid. This makes it harder to fall asleep. To counter that, you would need a setup that’s designed specifically for the summer. This may include a mesh cot and a summer-weight sleeping bag or blanket. 

If you’re planning to pitch a tent, consider stringing up a tarp between trees, above head height. This keeps rain showers and thunderstorms, which can happen in the summer, from soaking your campsite. 

If you’re thinking of going on a summer camping trip in an RV, consider bringing a piece of portable outdoor power equipment to help provide electricity to your air conditioning unit for a good night’s sleep. 

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To get the most out of a summer camping trip, you’ll need more than a tent & sleeping bag. These 3 Summer Camping Tips will give you an unforgettable adventure. To get more tips, you can follow us on our Facebook page, click here.

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