5 Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Buying A New Generator

New generator

Did you just buy a new generator unit? Generators should be treated with care to ensure the system does not get damaged. Preparing your generator prevents injury or loss of life. There are several things you need to keep in mind. 

How much power do you need?

Before you buy generators, find out how much power you need to cover during blackouts. It’s important that you choose a generator capable of meeting the power demand. This prevents overload.

Most portable generators with built-in outlets can only power electronics with standard, 110-volt plugs. This means appliances such as your furnace or pumps won’t work. Appliances that run on 220-volts, including electric ranges or dryers, are likely not compatible. 

Are your extension cords undamaged?

Experts recommend frequently checking your extension for frayed or grounded cords will help prevent fire or electric shock. Power equipment specialists also advice against overloading a multi-plug extension cord. 

Do not run the extension cords under rugs. Avoid getting the extension cords from becoming pinched in windows or doors. Do not use a splitter or a surge protector to plug multiple devices into a single extension cord. This may cause the cord to overheat and arc.

Do you have enough fuel?

Before starting your new generator, make sure that you have enough fuel on hand when you need to refill. Homeowners should also exercise caution when refuelling. Do not refill your generator until it is cool. 

Avoid using any material that might cause the fuel to ignite. This includes cigarettes, matches, or lighters. 

Do you keep your generator outside?

Do not use your generator in wet environments. If you keep your generators outside, make sure that it is covered up to protect it from rain. You can also place your generator in driveways, stone patios, or level patches of grass. 

The cover should also give the generators at least four feet of space for them to breathe. Many homeowners use a container or a different type of shelter to keep their generators covered from outdoor elements. 

Experts also advise against keeping your generator inside the home or somewhere close to the home. Many advice keeping your generators at least 30 feet away from your property and other inhabited structures that may catch on fire. This also prevents carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Where will you plug the generator?

Experts advise against plugging your generators directly into an electric socket. Doing so can be extremely dangerous for you and other people nearby. Plugging your generator into an electric socket may also cause electrocution, which may lead to severe or fatal injuries. 

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