Are Honda Inverter Generators Good? Here Are The Top 3 Reviews.

Honda Inverter Generator

Honda has long been designing a wide range of products that aims to improve lifestyle. Since it was founded in 1948, the Japanese company has expanded its products beyond the automotive industry. 

Honda generators are considered some of the best worldwide. Their products are touted for having low emission, being fuel-efficient, and environmentally-friendly. If you’re looking for the perfect Honda inverter generator for your family or business, we made a complete buyer’s guide to help you make your purchasing decision today.

What are the benefits of an inverter generator?

1. It has high-quality power output.

Inverter generators are designed to produce power that resembles “line power.” This means the power the machine makes is as reliable as the power transmitted through the outlets at home. 

2. It is lighter and smaller in size

Inverter generators are generally smaller and lighter than traditional generator models. Honda’s inverter generator integrates parts from the engine and the generator using the engine’s flywheel. 

3. Inverter generators are extremely fuel-efficient

Traditional models typically run at 3600 RPM to produce 60 hertz of electricity. However, Honda inverter generators are equipped with the Eco-Throttle system. This allows the generators to run at slower RPMs while making and maintaining the same power needed. 

With the Eco-Throttle system, Honda inverter generators consume fuel by up to 40 per cent slower. It also reduces exhaust emissions. 

A.It does not create much noise.

Inverter generators typically produce less noise than traditional generator models. Honda inverter generators are also equipped with special sound dampening materials to allow for a quiet operation. 

B. It has a parallel mode.

Most portable inverter generators are capable of running on “parallel mode.” This means you can connect a second identical generator to produce double the power output. 


What are the five best Honda inverter generators available?

  • Honda EU2200i Portable Inverter Generator

The EU2200i runs on a super quiet operation that some users say makes them forget it was even there. The machine runs at 53 to 59 decibels, which is less than a normal conversation. 

The Honda EU2200i portable generator is also designed to be lightweight and compact, making it the perfect machine for camping and supplemental RV power. Each weighs 46 pounds and features a carrying handle. 

The Honda EU2200i inverter generator is fuel-efficient. A single gallon of gas can keep the machine running for up to 8 hours. 

  • Honda EU1000i Portable Inverter Generator

This inverter generator features a modern and convenient design that boasts a range of features, making it efficient, reliable, and convenient. 

This EU1000i weighs 29 pounds, making it one of the lightest portable inverter generators available anywhere. It can also be placed near sensitive appliances, primarily due to its built-in inverter. 

The Honda EU1000i is compact and lightweight, which allows for easy storage in the workshop, garage, or even the car trunk. 

  • Honda EM5000SX Portable Generator

The Honda EM5000SX generator commonly referred to as the Honda 660530 5000Watt Portable Generator, is a reliable and incredibly durable portable generator. It was exclusively equipped with the Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulator (iAVR) Technology which produces a steady output, which means it’s safe for sensitive devices. 

The EM5000SX’s large capacity fuel tank allows it to run for an extended time. At 50 per cent load, a full tank can last for up to 11.2 hours. 

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