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EU22i w sticker smallThe Honda EU22i is the latest and greatest generator now available to purchase direct form Generator Place. We know you’ll appreciate the many excellent features this new model has to offer – and when it’s paired with the Honda brand, you can know for sure that this is a generator you can rely on.

Honda has listened and given you exactly what you’ve asked for in the EU22i. When designing this new generator, Honda understood the increasing dependence on appliances in our everyday lives, and to meet the level of demand required by campers today; they needed to create a generator that combined the portability of the EU20i while also delivering more power. Honda has achieved this and more in the Eu22i.

When looking around our website for the ideal generator to buy, we understand that the options and selection process can be quite overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put this article together to give you a basic overview of each generator we sell, so you can easily see exactly what you get out of each model.  

The rumble of dark clouds on the horizon and the weather warnings from the Bureau of Meteorology won’t be cause for panic when you’ve got a storm kit at the ready!

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