The rumble of dark clouds on the horizon and the weather warnings from the Bureau of Meteorology won’t be cause for panic when you’ve got a storm kit at the ready!


Storm season comes around every year, and yet every year there are the unprepared people who wind up needing to be helped by the State Emergency Service (SES)! Even though we all know that storm season is coming, often we don’t do enough to prepare and run the risk of being affected. But by taking the time to prepare, you’re reducing the strain placed on the SES - which means that they can focus their attention on those who need them the most.

If you live in an area with a lot of storms, then you need to prepare for storm season. We have put together a handy guide designed to keep you and your family safer this storm season.

Prepare for the potential outage

Don’t wait until the storm warning is being played on the news to pop down to Coles and stock up on tinned food for the kids, and batteries for your torches. You need to be thoroughly prepared for the storm season as if it were going to happen tomorrow. There are plenty of things that you can take care of well in advance, so things like the following are going to help:

  • Stock up on canned good and non-perishables (around three days’ worth of food is advisable)
  • Ensure you have batteries and torches for use in blackouts
  • Don’t want to be caught out without power? Get a generator! And then make sure that your generator is serviced and full of fuel with plenty spare. One that’s strong enough to run a fridge and plug in a few lights would be advisable. You don’t need to run the whole house on it – but having enough power to stay afloat certainly makes a huge difference to comfort and morale.
  • Make sure your insurances are up-to-date and appropriate for storm season
  • Work out a plan with your family for what everyone needs to do in the event of a storm. Younger children might be responsible for getting their own backpack of clothing (in the event of an evacuation) or locating a family pet to keep safe (in the event of going to a safe space in the home to seek shelter during a particularly wild storm)

Secure the house


If a wild storm is on its way, there’s not a great deal you can do to stop it. But while you can’t stop nature’s fury, you can take steps to make sure that your home is protected and secure against high winds. Things like roof clips and garage door braces can help to keep things blowing away in strong winds. These sorts of precautions are helpful in areas that are prone to storms but aren’t so necessary in other areas.

If you know that there is going to be flooding in your area, it can be helpful to ensure you have some sandbags for your home’s protection.  



Care for your garden

Trees are vital for life, and they’re also potential criminals when it comes to damaging your home in a storm!


If you aren’t sure about the stability of a tree in your yard, then it might be a good move to get a specialist in to check it out. It might cost a little, but the money saved in damages to your home during storm season would make all the difference!

Things you can do yourself are to trim any branches that are touching the roof and to make sure that you perform regular pruning on your trees to keep them healthy. You can also bring in clay and soil to keep the ground at the base of the trees nice and healthy so that you’re not risking a compromised tree in your garden.  

Plus – make sure you keep detritus and other branches out of your yard and secure anything that might become a projectile in high winds.

Make a plan

As we mentioned before, you and your family need to have a plan in place for what to do when storm season strikes. You also need to have practised it so that everyone knows what their role is. This is particularly prevalent if you have young children, and want to prepare them for storm season in a non-threatening way.

If you’d like more information, you can also download the range of Get Ready sheets from the Queensland Government to ensure that you have the best possible resources at your disposal. There’s also a great resource from the Brisbane City Council which is designed to help you to plan for storm season in style.

Our range of generators and super-quiet generators make preparing for the storm season a breeze. Don’t find yourself caught out this storm season; get in touch with our friendly team today on 1800 442 447 to find out how we can put the power back in your hands.