Camping Generator: How Do You Choose One That Fits Your Needs?

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Bringing a reliable power system on a camping trip or a caravan holiday adventure can make your journey much more comfortable. A portable inverter generator can keep your appliances running when you stay in an un-powered spot.

Camping Generator: How Do You Choose One That Fits Your Needs?

Every camper knows the importance of bringing a reliable power system on a camping trip or a caravan adventure. Battery systems can power your appliances for a while, but if you decide to stay in an un-powered spot, consider investing in a portable inverter generator. 

Camping with a generator allows you to recharge your battery system. It also provides you more than enough power to run power-heavy appliances or equipment. Such as kettles, air conditioners, and microwaves. It can also charge your car battery! 

Here at The Generator Place, we offer our customers the best range of camping generators. Our team of experts is available every day to help you choose the best generator for your camping holiday. 

We listed some of our most asked questions below to help you choose an inverter generator for your next outdoor adventure. 

How much power would my generator need to run my camping equipment?

Generally, a 2000-watt portable inverter generator is strong enough to power common camping equipment. However, not all appliances are the same. This means you need to determine the amount of power you’d need to start and run the machines you need. 

Appliances typically need three times or more power to run. You can find the exact wattage you need in the item’s data plate or manual. 

Can a generator charge my caravan’s battery system?

Some portable inverter generators come with outlets and charging cables. However, experts recommend against using camping generators to charge your caravan’s battery system. This is because the DC charge from portable generators is not regulated. 

If you do not have other power options, the charging cables can be used to provide enough power to start your car’s battery. 

Why should I purchase premium brand camping generators?

There are a lot of brands available on the market that provide users with a great budget option. These generators are made for infrequent use. Budget generators are designed for the occasional camping adventure or to top up your batteries.

Budget generators do not often come with a long-term warranty or a national service network. If you’re looking for a camping generator you can use repeatedly, we suggest a premium brand such as Honda. 

Honda generators are famous for giving users a super quiet and fuel-efficient service that’s well worth the investment. Each machine also comes with a 4-year warranty to ensure that you have the support you need for years to come. We also offer an extra years warranty on some of the Honda generators.

Can I connect two camping generators to increase the power output?

Some generators feature parallel connection capability, which allows the linking of two similar units. For example, the Honda EU10i Generator can link to another EU10i generator using its parallel kit to double the power output to 2Kva. 

The EU10i generator is the first of its size to produce commercial-quality electricity designed for power-sensitive equipment, including computers and other devices. The Honda EU10i also comes with an Eco-throttle system that adjusts the machine’s engine speed to meet the load demand. 

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