3 Basic Rules About Small Generators That You Should Know Before Travelling

If you’re going on a camping trip in a caravan, there are several rules that you should remember before using a small, portable generator.

3 Basic Rules About Small Generators That You Should Know Before Travelling

Having a small, portable generator onboard your motorhome or caravan during your adventures can provide you with a reliable source of power. This outdoor equipment can power essential small appliances, including your lights, stove, refrigeration unit, and even your air conditioner.  If you’re planning on travelling across Australia in a camper or caravan, there are three generator basics that you have to remember. 

Check if the campground allows the use of small generators

Some campground and caravan parks do not permit the use of generators because of the noise it makes. The outdoor power equipment can also pose a potential fire hazard if not used properly.  Before you make plans about reserving your spot on a campground, do some research and check whether the park allows you to use a generator and whether they have any guidelines on its usage. 

Place your small generator far from neighbours

Generator technology has greatly improved in recent years. The power equipment now offers higher outputs and less noise. However, this doesn’t mean that nearby campers would always be okay with having it placed nearby.  Basic generator etiquette at camping grounds involves setting up your equipment away from fellow campers. This prevents them from being exposed to the noise or fumes that the machine produces.  Another decorum is to only run your generator during the day. Doing so prevents you from waking up your neighbours when they’re trying to sleep at night. 

Consider where you would store your generator and fuel

Before investing in a generator, consider where you plan to store it in your motorhome, RV or caravan. This machine is small and highly portable, which means it would be easy to steal, even if it’s packed away.  In addition to storing the generator, camper van owners should also consider where to store fuel safely. Generator fuel is highly combustible, which means it would be best to keep your containers out of the heat.  Some caravans and motorhomes come with a built-in generator bin where you can store your outdoor power equipment. You can also install compartmentalised boxes to your caravan’s exterior where you can store your fuel containers. Be sure these fuel containers are safe for sun exposure. Are you looking for a small generator that’s designed for camping trips? Here at Generator Place, we offer Australians only the best line of generators. The Honda EU22i is the world’s best-selling leisure generator, making it perfectly suitable for your next camping trip.  The EU22i comes with 12V charging leads, security cable, extension lead, and a 5-year warranty. This portable power equipment operates quietly. It is also fuel-efficient, which means it can run up to 8 hours on a gallon of gas.  Hook up your Honda EU22i to your caravan using our 4m Heavy Duty Extension Lead. This 15amp plug is designed for use with Caravans. Its short length reduces power loss through the cable, helping you maximise the generator’s power output into the caravan. 
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What Can You Run With A 2kVA Generator?

A 2kva generator is one of the best workhorse classes of power machines. Homeowners often swear by this power equipment because of its compact size and convenient outlets.  In this article, we listed down some appliances that a 2,000-watt generator can run, including the most common equipment found in most homes, caravans, and camper setups. 

What Can You Run With A 2kVA Generator? | The Generator Place

Are you planning on purchasing a generator, but don’t really know how much power you need for your home or caravan? Each appliance has a different power demand, which means you should invest in a generator that could produce the needed amount.  Many homeowners swear by 2,000-watt generators, or 2kVA generators, as one of the best workhorse classes of power machines. This is mostly because of the equipment’s compact size and convenient outlets.  To many, 2,000 watts may not sound like it can power a lot. This prompts many to ask, what can you run on a 2,000-watt generator?

What home appliances can a 2kva generator power?

Smaller Appliances

  • A 2,000-watt generator can power several appliances commonly found in a caravan or home. This includes a 500-watt deep freezer and an element of the electric stove
  • A 2kva generator can run most freezers, a 650-watt microwave, and a few lights
  • The typical electric range with 8” elements will use all the generator’s power
  • A 2kva generator can run a 300-watt slow cooker or a 1,700-watt electric grill

Sump Pumps and Well Pumps

  • A 2,000-watt generator can power a sump pump and keep your basement flood-free during a storm or a power outage.
  • You could use the same generator to run a 1,000-watt water well pump. 
  • A 2kva generator cannot power your hot water heating system. 

Large Appliances

  • A 2kva generator can handle the load of a caravan air conditioner. A typical unit has a 2,200-watt starting rate but only needs 1,500-watts to run. 
  • A mid-sized refrigerator needs 1,200-watts on start before dropping down to 200-watts.
  • You can run a 1,200-watt refrigerator, a third horsepower sump pump, and a desktop computer all at the same time.

Radiant Heater

  • A 2kva generator can run the average 1,300-watt radiant heater during a power outage.
  • A 2,000-watt generator can run a radiant heater, several lights, and a couple of fans. 
We also listed a rough estimate of the running wattage of some of the most common appliances found in homes and RVs. 
  • Incandescent Light Bulb – 60 watts
  • Refrigerator/Freezer – 700 watts
  • Microwave – 800 watts
  • Toaster – 850 watts
  • Coffee Maker – 800 watts
  • Dishwasher – 300 watts
  • Electric stove – 1,500 watts
  • Small AC unit – 1,200 watts
  • Laptop – 200 watts
  • Television – 200 watts
  • Phone charger – 5 watts
A 2kva generator provides homeowners with an incredibly versatile source of power, especially during outages. However, experts warn against pushing your generator to its maximum capacity to avoid causing an overload.  Are you planning on investing in a portable generator? Here at The Generator Place, we offer customers top-quality products at competitive prices. Our customers can always find exclusive deals to ensure that each investment is worth the money. 

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Camping Generator: How Do You Choose One That Fits Your Needs?

Bringing a reliable power system on a camping trip or a caravan holiday adventure can make your journey much more comfortable. A portable inverter generator can keep your appliances running when you stay in an un-powered spot.

Camping Generator: How Do You Choose One That Fits Your Needs?

Every camper knows the importance of bringing a reliable power system on a camping trip or a caravan adventure. Battery systems can power your appliances for a while, but if you decide to stay in an un-powered spot, consider investing in a portable inverter generator.  Camping with a generator allows you to recharge your battery system. It also provides you more than enough power to run power-heavy appliances or equipment. Such as kettles, air conditioners, and microwaves. It can also charge your car battery!  Here at The Generator Place, we offer our customers the best range of camping generators. Our team of experts is available every day to help you choose the best generator for your camping holiday.  We listed some of our most asked questions below to help you choose an inverter generator for your next outdoor adventure. 

How much power would my generator need to run my camping equipment?

Generally, a 2000-watt portable inverter generator is strong enough to power common camping equipment. However, not all appliances are the same. This means you need to determine the amount of power you’d need to start and run the machines you need.  Appliances typically need three times or more power to run. You can find the exact wattage you need in the item’s data plate or manual. 

Can a generator charge my caravan’s battery system?

Some portable inverter generators come with outlets and charging cables. However, experts recommend against using camping generators to charge your caravan’s battery system. This is because the DC charge from portable generators is not regulated.  If you do not have other power options, the charging cables can be used to provide enough power to start your car’s battery. 

Why should I purchase premium brand camping generators?

There are a lot of brands available on the market that provide users with a great budget option. These generators are made for infrequent use. Budget generators are designed for the occasional camping adventure or to top up your batteries. Budget generators do not often come with a long-term warranty or a national service network. If you’re looking for a camping generator you can use repeatedly, we suggest a premium brand such as Honda.  Honda generators are famous for giving users a super quiet and fuel-efficient service that’s well worth the investment. Each machine also comes with a 4-year warranty to ensure that you have the support you need for years to come. We also offer an extra years warranty on some of the Honda generators.

Can I connect two camping generators to increase the power output?

Some generators feature parallel connection capability, which allows the linking of two similar units. For example, the Honda EU10i Generator can link to another EU10i generator using its parallel kit to double the power output to 2Kva.  The EU10i generator is the first of its size to produce commercial-quality electricity designed for power-sensitive equipment, including computers and other devices. The Honda EU10i also comes with an Eco-throttle system that adjusts the machine’s engine speed to meet the load demand.  If you’re planning on buying a camping generator, call us at 1800-442-447. You can also visit our website and chat with an outdoor power equipment specialist by clicking here. You can also follow us on Facebook.

The Only Buyer’s Guide You Need For Industrial Generators

If you’re looking for long-term reliable service, look no further than "industrial generators". These machines are versatile and robust equipment designed to provide constant power despite blackouts and major systematic errors.  There are a lot of businesses that rely on industrial generators to ensure seamless electricity. These industries include health, communication, information, agriculture, and manufacturing. Power failures in any of these sectors can cause catastrophic damage, including production losses, loss of data, serious accidents, or even death.  For this reason, manufacturers design these generators according to strict parameters to ensure that the machines would effectively respond in the absence of electricity. 

How does an industrial generator work?

There are many types of industrial generators: natural gas generator, marine generator, and petroleum generator. These machines differ on the gas used, but they are essentially the same.  Contrary to what most believe, generators do not produce power. The machine functions like a sewer system. It allows water to flow through it from one location to another without creating water itself. Industrial generators use the mechanical energy supplied by its engine to force electricity to move through an external circuit.  Industrial generators are composed of seven different parts:
  • Engine
The engine produces mechanical energy. The size of a generator’s engine is proportional to the maximum power output it can supply. Generator engines can operate on a variety of fuels. Smaller engines typically operate on gasoline, while larger engines run on diesel or natural gas. 
  • Alternator
The alternator is a part of the machine that facilitates electrical output supplied by the engine. It is made of components that work together to generate electricity. 
  • Fuel System
On average, an industrial generator’s fuel tank has enough capacity to keep the machine running for up to 8 hours. In smaller generators, the fuel tank is mounted on top of the frame. Larger generator units may require an external fuel tank. 
  • Voltage Regulator
This component of industrial generators regulates the output voltage of the machine. The regulator features components that produce the output voltage needed to meet the demand. 
  • Cooling and Exhaust System
Generators are equipped with a cooling system that prevents them from heating when in use. The machine also features an exhaust system that disposes of toxic fumes emitted by a generator. 
  • Lubricating System
A generator’s engine is constantly lubricated by oil stored in a pump. The oil allows the moving parts in its engine to move smoothly for long periods. Experts suggest checking the oil level every eight hours of operation and changing the lubricant every 500 hours. 
  • Battery Charger
The generator’s start system is operated by a battery. The battery charger keeps the generator’s battery charged by supplying “float” voltage. 

What are the advantages of using industrial generators?

Businesses need the power to perform. Investing in a backup source of electricity would keep your business running, especially during unexpected outages. Here are the top three benefits of using industrial generators. 

Seamless electricity

Many industries need smooth operations to promote stability. With industrial generators, businesses would not have to worry about power outages to ensure seamless electricity. 

Prevent the loss of inventory

Industries that rely on refrigeration, such as health care and food, need electricity to prevent temperature-sensitive inventory from spoiling. Investing in a backup power generator avoids loss of stock and money. If you are in the healthcare industry, having a reliable generator could save lives. 

Avoid income loss

Customers are more likely to trust businesses that can keep their lights on, and their doors open even through unexpected blackouts. If you can keep your stores well-lit in a power outage, your business would appear reliable and stable. 

What’s the best brand of industrial generators?

The Honda Motor Company is a Japanese brand known for offering highly reliable and world-renowned outdoor power equipment.  The Honda range of industrial generators is designed for all Australian worksites, including mining, food, farming, and emergency services. Each machine features the latest generator technology and modern design to provide efficient and reliable commercial-grade power. Here at The Generator Place, we stock the toughest and most reliable Honda generators, including machines from the EP, EG, and Gene 21 series. The Honda generators are user-friendly, portable, quiet, and environmentally friendly.  Do you want to view all the Honda generators available for purchase?
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A Complete “How-To” Guide To Buying Generators

When the power goes out, the electronics and appliances in your home could stop running. For many, this means they end up in the dark, sweating during the summer, and worrying about the $300 worth of food spoiling in the freezer. Some homeowners would also worry about possible flooding without the sump pump.  Occasionally, homes experience power outages. However, when they become routine, it may be time to consider investing in a backup power source, such as a generator. In this article, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about buying generators, including factors to help you choose which machine best fits your needs.

How to buy generators based on type?

1.Portable Generators Portable generators typically run on gasoline. This means you need to store large quantities in case of emergencies. You can use portable generators anywhere, even off your property. However, never run it in an enclosed space.  Experts recommend running portable generators 20 feet away from your property to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. You should also avoid running it too close to an AC condenser or window AC.  2.Standby Generators  Standby generator units should be installed in homes by experts. Typically, homeowners would need to meet the noise restrictions and location requirements from local authorities. Home standby generators start immediately after the power goes out. On average, this type of generator supplies more power than other options.  Some home generators also have a self-diagnostic system that lets users know when maintenance is needed.  3.Inverter Generators Inverter generators can produce comparable power output as traditional portable generators. However, their engines are more complex, making them a bit more expensive than the portable alternative.  Inverter generators are much quieter than their counterparts. This is because its system allows it to match the power demand instead of running on full power. They also produce fewer emissions, but experts still suggest following the same safety protocol as you would with portable generators. 
How to buy a generator based on power needs?
Generators are sold by power output, often measured in watts. The amount of power a machine can deliver determines how many lights and appliances it can run simultaneously.  When buying a generator, it is crucial to know how much power you need. To do this, start making a list of what you need to supply power to once the electricity goes out. This can include your sump pump, refrigerator, AC unit, and other appliances.  Add up the watts needed by each equipment to find out how much power you’d need in case of an outage. We listed a rough estimate of the required wattage for everyday essentials.
  • Refrigerator: 600 watts
  • Sump pump: 750 to 1,500 watts
  • Portable heater: 1,500 watts
  • Window air conditioner: 1,000 watts
  • Lights: 60 to 600 watts
  • Computers: 60 to 300 watts
How to buy a generator based on features?
When buying generators, list the features that you want to see in your machine. Doing so will ensure that the machine you purchased can meet your needs.  Automatic CO Shutoff Some generators come with an automatic CO shutoff system. This feature immediately turns off the machine’s engine once it detects a deadly build-up of carbon monoxide.  Many generators with built-in CO sensors have these references on the packaging:
  • ANSI/UL2201 Certified for Carbon Monoxide Safety
  • ANSI/PGMA G300 Certified Safety & Performance
Automatic start Generators with the automatic start function allow the machine to immediately turn on once the power goes off. This function is excellent for families who travel a lot or work far from home.  Electric Start Some generators offer a push-button option to start the machine. This system eliminates the need to pull-starting the engine during power outages.  Fuel Gauge Generators that come with fuel gauges make it easier for users to check how much juice the machine still has. This can save you from scrambling to fill up the generator’s tank during power outages. Low-oil shutoff Generators with the low-oil shutoff system automatically stop operating if the oil falls below minimum levels. This function prevents engine damage. The feature is becoming increasingly common on portable generators. Multiple Outlets Some backup power sources come with four or more outlets to allow users to spread the load. This is recommended only in an extreme pinch.  Are you struggling to decide what generator to buy? Here at The Generator Place, we have a wide range of quality Honda generators for sale. Our impressive roster can easily meet your power needs—from camping and caravanning to a reliable backup power supply for homes and businesses.  We stock many types of Honda generators, including small portable units and full-sized industrial alternatives. Every purchase comes with a 4-year warranty. We ship your product Australia-wide. Not sure what you need? Check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide for Honda generators. You can also view our roster of Honda backup power source by clicking here   Do you need expert advice? Give us a call at 1800-442-447 or send us a message at https://www.generatorplace.com.au/contact-us/.

How can a Commercial Generator increase your business’ sales?

Businesses need consistency to become successful. This includes aspects such as output and timeliness. However, businesses often overlook one aspect: a consistent energy supply. Without power, the appliances, machinery, or systems you need won’t work.  A power outage carries a tremendous impact on your business. An outage can cause discomfort to your employees and customers. It can also cause you to lose revenue.

One way many businesses do to combat power outages is by investing in a commercial generator. 

Increasing Your Sales

  • A modern generator can restore power within seconds
All businesses, no matter what industry they’re in, suffer a loss of revenue during power outages. Brands reported a massive drop in sales if they are forced to close their doors during an outage. Restaurants or commercial kitchens lose even more because of spoilage.  Modern commercial generators feature new technology that allows them to run within seconds of power loss. This means you won’t have to be on location to start the generator. 
  • A commercial generator can maintain the comfort of your employees and staff members
If you lose power during winter, your employees and staff members won’t have the utility needed to fight off the cold. In the summer, extreme heat can be hazardous to anyone within the walls of your business. Power outages may also result in an inoperational water system.  Having a commercial generator ensures that your business’ cooling and heating system remains operational, ensuring that anyone in the building will be safe. Having a backup power supply removes the risk of exposing your employees to health hazards because of a lack of proper sanitation. 
  • Commercial generators protect your data and gadgets
If your business is offering a web hosting service, you would definitely have a lot of electronics in your office. A power outage can cause serious damage to your electronics. Sometimes, a power outage can cause irreversible data loss. The prospect of having to replace the equipment is bound to be expensive.  The commercial power equipment can kick in immediately after the power outage. This prevents damage to your hardware and software because of unforeseen power failures. This also gives you some time to back up your data and avoid massive losses. 
  • A modern generator protects your inventory
If your business involves items that need climate control, power outages can be disastrous. Businesses that deal with food or medical service can both lose their customers and their inventory during blackouts.  Without commercial generators, perishable food items, groceries, and medicine will spoil without proper refrigeration. Investing in a commercial generator would allow you to resume normal operations and provide food or medicine to residents and responders. 
  • Commercial generators can help establish your reputation for reliability
With a commercial generator installed, businesses that depend on customer service can continue doing business despite a power outage. The ability to do so not only increases your brand’s sales but also communicates to your customers that your brand is reliable even through disasters and unforeseen power outages. Outages are completely out of our control. However, you can manage them by installing a commercial generator. Get your own power equipment at The Generator Place today by browsing their online catalogue or calling them at 1800-442-447. You can also follow The Generator Place updates on their Facebook Page!

5 Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Buying A New Generator

Did you just buy a new generator unit? Generators should be treated with care to ensure the system does not get damaged. Preparing your generator prevents injury or loss of life. There are several things you need to keep in mind. 

How much power do you need?

Before you buy generators, find out how much power you need to cover during blackouts. It’s important that you choose a generator capable of meeting the power demand. This prevents overload. Most portable generators with built-in outlets can only power electronics with standard, 110-volt plugs. This means appliances such as your furnace or pumps won’t work. Appliances that run on 220-volts, including electric ranges or dryers, are likely not compatible. 
Are your extension cords undamaged?
Experts recommend frequently checking your extension for frayed or grounded cords will help prevent fire or electric shock. Power equipment specialists also advice against overloading a multi-plug extension cord.  Do not run the extension cords under rugs. Avoid getting the extension cords from becoming pinched in windows or doors. Do not use a splitter or a surge protector to plug multiple devices into a single extension cord. This may cause the cord to overheat and arc.
Do you have enough fuel?
Before starting your new generator, make sure that you have enough fuel on hand when you need to refill. Homeowners should also exercise caution when refuelling. Do not refill your generator until it is cool.  Avoid using any material that might cause the fuel to ignite. This includes cigarettes, matches, or lighters. 
Do you keep your generator outside?
Do not use your generator in wet environments. If you keep your generators outside, make sure that it is covered up to protect it from rain. You can also place your generator in driveways, stone patios, or level patches of grass.  The cover should also give the generators at least four feet of space for them to breathe. Many homeowners use a container or a different type of shelter to keep their generators covered from outdoor elements.  Experts also advise against keeping your generator inside the home or somewhere close to the home. Many advice keeping your generators at least 30 feet away from your property and other inhabited structures that may catch on fire. This also prevents carbon monoxide poisoning. 
Where will you plug the generator?
Experts advise against plugging your generators directly into an electric socket. Doing so can be extremely dangerous for you and other people nearby. Plugging your generator into an electric socket may also cause electrocution, which may lead to severe or fatal injuries.  Are you looking for outdoor power equipment? The Generator Place offers a wide range of power equipment that is expertly manufactured and sold at an affordable price. The Generator Place carries high-quality generators designed for camping or for use on a work site.  If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on their products, enter your details in their email form to receive a free and full-coloured brochure. You can also give The Generator Place a call at 1800-442-447

Honda 3KVA Generator: A Full Overview Of The Lightest Portable Inverter Generator On The Market

Honda Motor Company Limited is a Japanese public multinational corporation founded in September 1948. Since its founding, the Japanese company made a name for itself as one of the most famous car manufacturers worldwide. In 1978, Honda took on a new challenge and began producing power equipment around 4-stroke engine technology. This led the company to create user-friendly and fuel-efficient power equipment that is incredibly durable and provides long-lasting performance. Today, Honda generators are among the most trusted power equipment in the market, especially the Honda EU30i 3KVA Generator.

Overview of the Honda EU30i 3KVA Generator

The new Honda 3KVA Generator is championed as the lightest portable 3000-watt inverter generator under the Japanese company. The EU30i has a compact design that makes it ideal for on-site energy needs. This provides users with clean and reliable power that is safe for use on sensitive devices, such as desktop computers and technical equipment. Additionally, the new Honda EU30i is capable of running many kitchen appliances and charging DC batteries. If you’re looking for a fuel-efficient generator, the 3KVA generator is definitely the one you need. The Honda EU30i can operate for up to 8 hours at ¼ load on a tank of petrol. The generator’s Eco-Throttle system allows it to extend run time and adjust fuel consumption based on the power demand. With this generator, you won’t have to worry about operating in the dark. Each machine is equipped with built-in recessed lights for after-dark operations. It also has an LED output and warning indicator lights. Take a look at some of the other features of the Honda 3KVA Inverter Generator:
Folding handle
The Honda EU30i features a foldable handle and large transportation wheels that make it easier for a single person to move and manoeuvre the machine. The handles are also fixed, making them ideal for loading and unloading.
Extremely reliable
Honda Motor Company has equipped the 3KVA Generator with their commercial-grade OHV series 4-stroke engine. This system allows users to start the generator without much fuss.
Lightweight design
The Honda EU30i 3KVA Inverter Generator is made using a magnesium frame and a resin casing. This means the machine is incredibly lightweight, weighing just 35 kg.
Oil Alert System
The Honda 3KVA features the Oil Alert System, which automatically shuts the unit down when the oil drops below the safe operating level. The system is highly reliable in preventing engine damage.
Parallel Mode
Each 3KVA Generator can be linked to another power equipment of the same model to provide more power with a maximum output of 6kVA. Do you want to know more about the Honda 3KVA Generator? Visit The Generator Place to see photos and videos of the product. Are you thinking about buying yourself a EU30i Generator? Contact The Generator Place today and have your product shipped to you today. The Generator Place conducts nationwide delivery. If you’re located in Australia, you also get exclusive deals. Click here for contact information. * The Honda 3KVA Generator comes with a standard 4-year Honda warranty.

Honda EU10i Portable Generator: What Are Its Benefits?

Portable generators are known as one of the best and most useful tools available. These machines are powerful, convenient, versatile and easy to use.

Honda EU10i Portable Generator: What Are Its Benefits? 

Powerful, convenient, and easy to store—these are some of the features that most portable generators boast. Quick and easy to move, portable generators are considered one of the most suitable backup power sources to use in homes and businesses across Australia. As well as this, they are a great power source for camping, food trucks and trailers and more! Power outages can cause severe problems at home or at work. Let’s face it, we rely on power! A portable generator can power your home and most commercial locations when the harsh weather causes blackouts, allowing you to use appliances in your home, the HVAC system, and even medical equipment should hospitals be left powerless.   

What are the top 5 benefits of having a portable generator?

  • Emergency Power
Businesses that provide essential services are expected to have power, especially in times of natural disasters. Portable generators can provide a reliable power source to first-responders, health care staff, hospitals, and clinics to run their medical equipment and give patients quality care.  In a world where most people rely on technology, computers, smartphones, and tablets are essential to communicate or perform work. Portable generators ensure that you can ride out any power outage, even if the electrical blackout lasts for days.  If you live in areas prone to strong winds and storms, a portable generator would be a wise investment. With a generator, you can stay safe and comfortable in your home. You can stay at home and ensure that essential appliances, including the fridge and the stove, are working. This allows you to reduce the risk of your food rotting and going to waste. It also allows your stove to keep running when you need to cook food for your family. And keep you with phones and laptops charged should you need them.  
  • Power Supply for Camping
Many campers rely on portable generators to power their mini-fridge, air- conditioner and provide light. People who own recreational vehicles would benefit significantly from having a portable generator since it allows you the comforts of home wherever you are.   
  • Power for Tools
The benefits of investing in a portable generator also extend to non-emergency situations. Contractors working onsite use portable generators to power their electrical tools. Additionally, the transportability of portable generators allows contractors to move their power equipment over multiple locations without any fuss.  Portable generators also allow contractors to do construction work during the nighttime. One machine can produce enough electricity to give workers adequate lighting and power for tools.  
  • Damage Prevention
Electrical mishaps and power outages can cause damage to your appliances and food. Many portable generators can be programmed to turn on as soon as the power goes out to allow for seamless electricity.  Having portable power equipment not only allows your appliances to keep running, but it would also give enough electricity to power your sump pump. No one would ever want to come home to flooded property. Additionally, it could also power your HVAC system, which helps prevent mould and mildew in homes located in humid areas.   
  • Outdoor Events
Any outdoor event can benefit greatly from the comfort and convenience provided by portable generators. Transform your regular backyard into an outdoor movie with some string lights and a screen projector.  If you are an events planner, portable generators can help you give your client that perfect dream wedding by powering fog machines, stereos, and lighting. If you are hosting a sporting event, this power equipment can keep your scoreboard running smoothly.   

Here’s why Honda EU10i is the only generator you need

The EU10i portable inverter generator is the first power equipment of its size to feature a new system that provides commercial-quality electricity ideal for sensitive devices, such as computers and desktops.  Honda’s new system effectively reduced the generator’s size by up to 50% compared to other conventional models in the market.  The Honda EU10i generator comes with 12V charging leads and allows for parallel connection to double the electricity output to 2Kva. It also features an Eco-throttle system that instantly adjusts the engine speed to meet the demand.  Get your own Honda EU10i today from The Generator Place. Each purchase comes with a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure that your investment is worth it. 

Are Honda Inverter Generators Good? Here Are The Top 3 Reviews.

Honda has long been designing a wide range of products that aims to improve lifestyle. Since it was founded in 1948, the Japanese company has expanded its products beyond the automotive industry.  Honda generators are considered some of the best worldwide. Their products are touted for having low emission, being fuel-efficient, and environmentally-friendly. If you’re looking for the perfect Honda inverter generator for your family or business, we made a complete buyer’s guide to help you make your purchasing decision today.

What are the benefits of an inverter generator?

1. It has high-quality power output.
Inverter generators are designed to produce power that resembles “line power.” This means the power the machine makes is as reliable as the power transmitted through the outlets at home. 
2. It is lighter and smaller in size
Inverter generators are generally smaller and lighter than traditional generator models. Honda’s inverter generator integrates parts from the engine and the generator using the engine’s flywheel. 
3. Inverter generators are extremely fuel-efficient
Traditional models typically run at 3600 RPM to produce 60 hertz of electricity. However, Honda inverter generators are equipped with the Eco-Throttle system. This allows the generators to run at slower RPMs while making and maintaining the same power needed.  With the Eco-Throttle system, Honda inverter generators consume fuel by up to 40 per cent slower. It also reduces exhaust emissions. 
A.It does not create much noise.
Inverter generators typically produce less noise than traditional generator models. Honda inverter generators are also equipped with special sound dampening materials to allow for a quiet operation. 
B. It has a parallel mode.
Most portable inverter generators are capable of running on “parallel mode.” This means you can connect a second identical generator to produce double the power output.   

What are the five best Honda inverter generators available?

  • Honda EU2200i Portable Inverter Generator
The EU2200i runs on a super quiet operation that some users say makes them forget it was even there. The machine runs at 53 to 59 decibels, which is less than a normal conversation.  The Honda EU2200i portable generator is also designed to be lightweight and compact, making it the perfect machine for camping and supplemental RV power. Each weighs 46 pounds and features a carrying handle.  The Honda EU2200i inverter generator is fuel-efficient. A single gallon of gas can keep the machine running for up to 8 hours. 
  • Honda EU1000i Portable Inverter Generator
This inverter generator features a modern and convenient design that boasts a range of features, making it efficient, reliable, and convenient.  This EU1000i weighs 29 pounds, making it one of the lightest portable inverter generators available anywhere. It can also be placed near sensitive appliances, primarily due to its built-in inverter.  The Honda EU1000i is compact and lightweight, which allows for easy storage in the workshop, garage, or even the car trunk. 
  • Honda EM5000SX Portable Generator
The Honda EM5000SX generator commonly referred to as the Honda 660530 5000Watt Portable Generator, is a reliable and incredibly durable portable generator. It was exclusively equipped with the Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulator (iAVR) Technology which produces a steady output, which means it’s safe for sensitive devices.  The EM5000SX’s large capacity fuel tank allows it to run for an extended time. At 50 per cent load, a full tank can last for up to 11.2 hours.  Do you want to know more information about Honda inverter generators? Generator Place offers a comprehensive range of generators, including Honda inverter generators, across its 11 stores and service centres nationwide.  Purchase your product online via their website and have it delivered to your home. If you’re living in Australia, you’ll also get exclusive deals that aren't offered anywhere else. Connect with Generator Place today or send them a message and take advantage of their special offers.

Honda EU70i Generator: A Full Review Of Honda’s Newest Power Machine

Honda has been known to create some of the best generators on the market. The Japanese brand recently released a new line of Honda EU70i generators that are touted as the improved version of the beloved EU20i and Eu22i versions. Today, we will be highlighting this portable generator’s features and show you how to operate it. 

General Overview of the Honda EU70i Generator

The Honda EU70i Generator is currently dominating the market as the biggest EU series generator available. This powerful machine boasts a massive 7000-watt maximum output that can easily power food trucks and large caravans or campers for hours.  The EU70i Generator is boosted on two-wheels and has fold-down handles that make transporting it a breeze. It also has a vented cap that keeps fuel from spilling out during transit. This Generator uses Sine-Wave Inverter technology to ensure a smooth and high-quality flow of power, while also being safe for frequency-sensitive equipment, such as cellphones and laptop computers.  If you’re worried about making noise, the Honda EU70i Generator is equipped with an ultra-quiet muffler that limits the sound it makes to Lwa 90 decibels.   

How can food trucks and coffee vans benefit from the EU70i Generator?

In recent years, food trailers have popped up in various outdoor events and entertainment venues. In these places, mobile businesses cannot generate too much noise or risk stealing the crowd’s attention away from the performer.  Food trailer owners like Tim from Budget Three Trails at Roughly sat down with Andrew from the Generator Place where he praised Honda’s EU70i Generator for passing the noise rating of many event tours. Tim also touted the generator’s hassle-free “Push Button Start” system, allowing food trailer owners to start up the machine with a simple push of a button.  Like food trailers, coffee vans, large caravans and larger campers would also benefit from Honda’s EU70i. Each generator has three 15 AMP outlets where users can plug in their appliances. The machine also comes with a fuel switch to make it easier to switch the generator off when not in use.  The generator is equipped with the Diagnostic Unity system that provides users with information on hours of operation, wattage, and engine speed. It can also detect when the machine is low on oil and automatically shut off the engine.  Are you thinking of lifting the EU70i Generator? You can purchase a lifting bar made exclusively for the machine. The lifting bar is easy to attach to the unit and ensures safe lifting. Do you want to know more information about the Honda EU70i Generator? You can visit Generator Place to know more details about the product, including photos and videos, technical specifications, and shipping and warranty information.  You can also purchase your own EU70i Generator and have it delivered straight to your home by calling 1800-442-447. The Generator Place delivers products for free in Metro Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. If you live outside these areas, you can call the office for a Freight Quote. 

Overview Of The Honda EU22i Generator

Everyone loved the Honda EU20i so much that Honda decided to create a much better version, the Honda EU22i Generator. Today, we are going to talk about all the features of this portable generator and how you can start and stop it.

Overview Of The Honda EU22i Generator

The Honda EU20i Generator has been one of the most popular and best-selling camping generators on the market. Everyone loved it so much that Honda decided to create a much better version of it, the EU22i. Today we are going to talk about all the features of this portable generator. Starting from the top of the generator, you’ve got an easy-grip handle for easy lifting and transporting. Beside that is the vented cap that keeps the fuels from coming out when in transit or not in use. Off position means no fumes and on position is for running. Now let’s talk about the front of the machine. There are two 15amp outlets that allow you to connect it straight to the van or to other appliances. Below that, you’ll find a really handy 12V charging outlet for charging batteries. Then, beside the amp outlets, you’ll see the parallel leads which allows you to get twice the capacity by joining two of these machines together, perfect for longer trips or if you have many appliances to plugin. Besides the parallel leads, you’ll find the economy switch. This allows you to choose how much revs are being used while running. If it’s on the machine will run at the lowest possible revs to give you the longest possible run time. This is perfect when you’re running small appliances like toasters, ovens, radio, small fans and more. In the off position, the machine will run at its maximum revs. This is good for charging and when you're starting heavy appliances like an air conditioner, microwave, fridge, etc. We generally recommend running this in the on position. You've also got three lights in the front that serve as an indicator on what’s happening. There's an oiler light that'll alert you when the oil is low, there's an overload light that will flash red lights for about 10-15 seconds before it stops when you overload it. Lastly, there's the little green light that simply indicates that the machine is running. Moving on to the side of the machine. It’s also very simple. You’ll find the choke lever on the upper part. As a new feature for this Honda EU22i Generator, you’ll find an off switch for the fuel at the lower right side. This allows you to turn off the fuel when you know you’re not going to use the machine for a long period of time. At the top of that fuel switch, you’ll find the new and improved recoil starter handle for easy starting, it also has a new metal guard so you avoid any damage to the machine when starting. Overall, the Honda EU22i Generator is an improved version of the previous generator we all loved and can power more than ever before. Perfect for leisure use, back-up power and for the job site use.  

How To Start And Stop Your Honda EU22i Generator

Starting and stopping your Honda EU22i Generator can never be easier, and in this article, we will walk you through the process.
How to start your Honda EU22i:
The first step is to rotate the vent in the cap to the on position. The vented cap can be found at the top of the machine beside the handle or the grip. Next step is to make sure that the fuel switch is in the on position. If not, just move the lever pointing up to the on position. The third step is to move the choke lever to the on the position as well. Now that you’ve checked that all three are on, it’s time to pull the starter. The machine should start running at the first pull. Then take it off the choke position and the machine should be running fine.  
How to stop your Honda EU22i:
If you want to stop it, you've got a few options.
  1. You can turn the fuel switch to the “fuel off” position and let it run out of fuel if you’re going to leave it for a long period of time.
  2. You can simply move it to the off position below the “fuel off” position to stop.

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