Will the Honda EU20i run the IBIS 3 Air Conditioner?

We get a lot of questions here at the Generator Place, probably one of the most asked questions is if the Honda EU20i runs the IBIS 3 air-conditioner, and today, we will be answering that question.

Will the Honda EU20i run the IBIS 3 Air Conditioner?

We get a lot of questions here at the Generator Place, probably one of the most asked questions is if the Honda EU20i runs the IBIS 3 air-conditioner, and today, we will be answering that question. To keep it simple, the answer is yes. It runs an IBIS 3 air-conditioner. In fact, we offer a money-back guarantee that it will. Let us show you how. To start off, we always recommend having your generator of the economy mode when you start your IBIS 3. You’ll know that your battery charge is turned off if it's not drawing any power. A lot of vans come fitted with a water heater. So just make sure that that's in the off position as well. After checking everything, allow the air conditioner to cool down the van for a few minutes. Once your van is cool enough, you can now start to run your other appliances like the fridge, TV, lights, video, etc. We just don't recommend running the microwave and the air conditioner at the same time. If you have to use one of them, make sure the other one is turned off.
How do you measure the draw in your van?
You can use our Power-Mate 15amp Meter to measure. It’s used for measuring the power consumption of larger 15 amp appliances. They are very handy and easy to use. To use, simply plug it into the generator and then plug your lead straight into the power meter. The meter can tell you a variety of measurements including power in watts, voltage and current. It can also tell you the minimum, maximum as well as instantaneous readings. The meter can also tell you: cost of running the appliance, how much energy the appliance used in kilowatt-hours and how many kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions it produced. All in hourly, yearly, quarterly and accumulated figures. A lot of people make the mistake of having a long poorly insulated lead but you can actually get a lot of voltage drop that way. What we recommend is for you to use this 20 amp insulated lead which is four meters long and gives you the optimum results. It’s short length to reduce power loss through the cable maximising the Generators power into the caravan If you’d like something with a little bit more power, then this handy Honda EU30i is perfect for you. It's got 50% more power than the EU20i, which means it runs at less of its capacity and runs a little bit quieter. So once again, the Honda EU20i got you covered.

Difference Between Honda EU30i and Honda EU22i

Honda has released so many amazing generators and many are wondering what's the difference between them. Today we will talk about the difference between Honda EU30i handy and Honda EU22i.

What’s The Difference Between Honda EU30i and Honda EU22i?

Honda Generators has long been producing some of the most popular portable generators among campers and caravan owners because they provide reliable power for a variety of devices and appliances while on the road. And since they’ve released so many amazing generators throughout the years, many are wondering what's the difference between them? Today we will talk about the difference between the EU30i handy and the EU22i. Of course, the main difference is that the EU30i handy has 3000W valuable power and the EU22i has 2200W valuable power, so that's 800W more on the EU30i handy. Now, what does that mean for you? What that means for me is that when the EU30i is running the same appliances as EU22i, it's running less of its capacity, so it runs at a much quieter note. That's a very important feature if you've got a lot of heavy appliances running and a better choice if you are easily annoyed by the noise. Both these units are inverters so if you want to start an air conditioning unit, they both got that little bit of extra power you need to get those compressors up and running. Let’s talk more about the features. When you look at the front of these machines, there are very little differences between the two:
  • both got two 15 AMP outlets
  • both have lights as an indicator on what’s happening
  • both have parallel lead facilities to joint two of these similar machines together to get double the amount of power
  • both have economy switches designed to reduce more power when you need it
  • both have on and off switches.
The only difference on the front of the two machines is that EU22i does have a fuel cutout switch while the EU30i handy does not. How do the two machines vary when running some heavy appliances? This is where you can see the biggest difference between the two machines. If you run the EU22i and test it by plugging in the air conditioner, silver fridge, pedestal fan, hairdryer, toaster and microwave all at the same time, expect the machine to get louder and louder as more appliances are being used. It’s louder because it’s working a little bit harder. This will go on for a few seconds until the power cuts out because of overloading. But when we run the EU30i handy and perform the same test by plugging in the same appliances, the machine won’t get louder because it doesn’t have to work too hard. It will remain quiet and won’t overload because less of its capacity is being used. So just remember, if you think you’ll be needing more appliances for your trip or caravan, then the Honda EU30i handy got you covered in a lot of situations.    

What Are The Uses Of Generator

Generators can provide you with many comforts of home. It can come in handy when campfires are not allowed and can provide heat, light, air conditioning and more. Here are a few more uses of the generator when camping.

Uses Of A Generator When Camping

To sum it all up, the main reason you’ll want a generator for your next trip is that you want it to be more enjoyable, it also provides you with a few comforts of home while exploring nature. Generators have been used for many decades but generators today are very different from before. Modern technology allows the new generators to be much quieter, easier to use, transport and haul. This allows you to enjoy the wild while enjoying a hot meal or a hot cup of coffee.
Here are a few things and appliances that you can enjoy with inverter generator technology:
  • Microwaves
  • Camping lights
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • TV
  • Fridge
  • Portable DVD players
  • Electric camp stove
  • Coffee pot
These are just a few uses of an inverter generator. It can provide you with many comforts of home. It can come in handy when campfires are not allowed and can provide heat, light, air conditioning and more.
The Evolution of the Generator
These days, you can easily purchase a four-stroke generator at a reasonable price. It can power any appliance or device you need which is perfect for camping or taking your RV/camper anywhere you like. It’s easy to use a generator that is simple to transport and can provide you comfort while outside. They are lightweight and compact which can be used to power up small TV’s, radios and air conditioners when camping out. As long as there’s enough fuel, you can run it as long as needed based on load capacity and runtime per tank. Determining how much fuel you need for each appliance per day can tell you the runtime of the generator. Plan on bringing an extra fuel along just in case you run out.
Keep Your Batteries Charged
If you’re out on a trip and enjoying with friends and family, the last thing you want to happen is all your gadgets dying. Even the smallest four-stroke generator can ensure you stay charged up and connected. It will allow you to run any type of twelve-volt appliances like mini-fridge, DVD player and camping lights. Simply plug in the appliance into the generator’s outlet or remove the battery pack and plug it in. You’ll find that this can power up any device on a full charge in just one to two hours.
AC in the Backcountry
Just in case you ended up camping during the hottest month of the year, you can still enjoy it with the use of a small, portable air conditioner. This can be a  lifesaver, especially at night. Generators are designed to handle a major appliance like a mini air conditioner for six to twelve hours, depending on your generator. Sometimes, your RV or camper may not have enough juice to power up your air conditioner. This can be a struggle during hot, summer nights. A camping generator can come to the rescue so you can sleep comfortably all night long.
Don’t Miss Your Favourite TV Show/News Program
No more saying goodbye to your favourite programs even when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Your generator can power up a small TV and when you have a satellite dish, you can stay in touch with your favourite TV program and local news.
Hot Food
During the hot and dry seasons, it may not be allowed to set up a campfire and this may affect the dishes you eat. You won’t want to live off cold sandwiches the whole trip, so bringing an inverter generator with you can help power up a microwave or small electric stove.
Camping Lights
Without a campfire, it may be harder to see at night and it’s hard to do anything without lights. You can use a generator to power up rechargeable lanterns and camping lights. A well-lit campsite is safe and can be more enjoyable. You can play any games you want, you can interact with more camping buddies and more.
Hunting and Fishing
If you love eating fresh fish after a long day of fishing then a generator can come handy. You can power up an electric fish scaler or an electric knife making the preparation and cooking much easier. You can also use it to power a small freezer to keep your catch fresh until preparation.
Smartphones and Tablets
Unlike conventional generators, an inverter generator can charge your smartphone and tablets because it provides clean energy. Conventional generators can also damage sensitive electronics so inverter generators are the best and safest option. New models of inverter generator can also come with USB ports so you don’t take up the outlets.
When you Run Out of Fuel
One downside of using an inverter generator is that it runs on fuel. Expect ongoing fuel costs and running out at some point when you don’t monitor carefully. If you want to save on fuel costs, just purchase the best RV solar panel for your rig. Solar panels can produce just enough juice to run larger appliances and a few smaller appliance.
All the Comforts of Home
A portable generator allows you to bring several favourite appliances and devices. But before buying anything, make sure you have a lit of all the gears and appliances you plan to bring, know how much fuel they consume to help you meet your power needs. You can also use this list as a guide when buying fuels.      

How To Choose A Generator For Camping

The most important thing about camping is having all your essentials, this is the key to a safe and fun trip. If you’re thinking of buying a generator for your next trip, here’s a guide on how to choose a generator for camping.

How To Choose A Generator For Camping

The most important thing about camping is having all your essentials, this is the key to a safe and fun trip. Of course, this includes having a camping generator that can power up your caravan and other electrical equipment. If you’re thinking of buying a generator for your next trip, here’s a guide on how to choose a generator for camping:
1. Appliance and Tools
Before buying, consider what appliances and tools you’re going to power up using the generator first. Then, check the number of watts per item. If you think you’re going to power up more than one device simultaneously, then combine the wattage requirements to determine which generator is suitable for you. Freezers and some power tools may require more wattage to startup so it’s best to use an inverter generator and not the standard one. For sensitive equipment that needs sine wave power like computers, phones, and GPS, you should also use an inverter generator, because the standard generators have an uneven power output that can damage your items. Lights and other power tools are less sensitive and can use the standard generator.
2. Caravan
A caravan may require a 30-50 amp connection. Most portable generators have a caravan-ready outlet so you can just plug it in while some still need an adaptor to connect. With a 50-amp caravan, you can use a 30 amp output from a generator with an adaptor to power up an aircon. Or you can use a 50 amp output for two aircons.
3. Portable vs. Onboard Generators For Camping
A generator should be easy to move around. Not only should it have wheels, a carry/tow handle and extension cord, it should also need to be silent and lightweight. A portable generator is more flexible, allowing you to have power anytime and anywhere. And as mentioned, you can power up your caravan using a 30-50amps generator, as well as two electrical devices using two portable generators. If you have a motorised caravan and only plan to use the generator inside, then it’s best to have an onboard generator, especially if it’s generator-ready. Automatic generators will automatically switch your caravan from shore to generator power. This way, you don’t have to plug your caravan’s power into the generator’s outlet to draw power. Related: Five Glorious Uses for a Generator on Your Next Camping Trip
Power output
To choose the right generator, calculate the wattage requirement of your caravan and each electrical equipment you need to use and look at the watt power output of your generator. If you plan to power multiple devices all at once, then add the total wattage amount by multiplying the amp and voltage of each device. Most caravan electric equipment is 120 volts while stoves and dryers are 240 volts. Depending on the brand and model, most inverter generators have a rated power of 0.9-5.5kVA and a maximum of 1-6.3kVA. Standard generators have a rated power of 4.5-5kVA with a maximum output of 5.2-5.5kVA. If a generator has a higher kVA, it can be used for most types of equipment and wattage requirements.  Appliances with electric motors required up to three times more start-up power. So pick a generator that has enough wattage to start your electrical equipment and caravan without experiencing power shutdowns. Also, look at the surge/peak power of the generator for powering more than one device at one time.
Weight and size
Both the weight and size of the fuel tank are related to the power output of a generator. Generators with 1-2kVA (1-2kW) can weigh 10-20kg on average with a fuel tank size of 3-4 litres. Those with 3-5kVA (2-4kW) weigh an average of 20-30kg with a fuel tank of 5-8litres.
A portable generator runs on regular-grade gasoline. With an extension cord, you can move it somewhere far from the campgrounds so you can minimise the exhaust fumes. Overboard generators use gasoline, diesel or liquid propane depending on the source of fuel and type of caravan.
When supplying power to caravan or electrical devices, make sure it doesn't get interrupted. Choose a cutting-edge inverter generator that has superior technology and durability.
Inverter generators can now run for 7-8 hours using just one tank of fuel. If you think you need a continuous power supply, have a look at the efficient rating of the generator you’ll choose or its run time and fuel tank size. The run time is measured at 50% load levels. If it has a long run time, then you can use it overnight or refuel often if that’s convenient for you. Remember, the more power the generator supplies, the lesser the run time it has.
Noise Level
When camping, it’s not allowed to have a noisy generator because it can annoy or disturb other people. So, choose a generator that is quiet and has a low decibel output. 50-70 decibels is the ideal noise level for a campsite. Generator Place understands that generator are big investments so they ensure to only offer the ‘best price guarantee’ on all their products. They have exceptional deals at prices you can’t resist and only stock high-quality generators from the reputable and highly regarded Honda brand. They know generators. As experts in the field, you can always turn to them for advice like on how to choose a generator for camping, and so many more. Click here to contact them.    

Benefits of Having a generator

Backup generators are extremely helpful for homeowners during unexpected blackouts. But before making the purchase, it’s good to review the benefits of having a generator first.

Benefits Of Having A Generator

Backup generators are extremely helpful for homeowners during unexpected blackouts. They provide a continuous flow of power, especially since much of our daily lives revolve around electricity. Even when the power is out, you can run appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, heaters, washers/dryers and lights when you have a generator. Before making any decision to purchase, it’s good to review the advantages and disadvantages of a home backup generator:
Why Should I Install a Home Backup Generator?
A backup generator serves as an insurance policy and investment. Your tolerance for power interruption, budget and personal situation will determine if it’s worth the investment. If you are someone who needs electricity for medical equipment, you work from home or has frequent blackouts, then a generator is a great investment. It will also help you prepare for unexpected situations and gives you peace of mind.
Here are a few benefits of owning a residential backup generator:
  • Automatically delivers power during a blackout
  • Operates your home’s heating and cooling systems, televisions, computers, and other appliances
  • It maintains comfort and safety levels during emergencies
  • Protects home from voltage fluctuations and surges which can be dangerous when the power returns
  • Operates safely at any disasters
  • Gives homeowners peace of mind by ensuring safety at times of emergency
Choosing a fuel source for your generator should depend on the location of your home. Those who are in the city grid use natural power to power appliances, heating and generators. However, homes not located on a gas service network can use propane to fuel their standby generators. Propane is cost-prohibitive and can be stored in a tank on the property.
Benefits of natural gas and propane generators:
  • These gases are tasteless, colourless, and non-toxic with a unique odour added for easy detection in case of leaks
  • Propane and natural gas do not go bad with time
  • They are affordable
  • They are abundant
  • They are convenient
Once you have your backup generator installed, you no longer need to worry about the freezing cold and darkness again. It can add value to your home and safeguard your family by keeping the power on in times of emergency. If you’re interested to purchase a generator for your home, or need expert advice, visit the nearest Generator Place near you or contact us here.

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Five Glorious Uses for a Generator on Your Next Camping Trip

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