Difference Between Honda EU30i and Honda EU22i

Difference Between Honda EU30i and HondaEU22i

Honda has released so many amazing generators and many are wondering what’s the difference between them. Today we will talk about the difference between Honda EU30i handy and Honda EU22i.

What’s The Difference Between Honda EU30i and Honda EU22i?

Honda Generators has long been producing some of the most popular portable generators among campers and caravan owners because they provide reliable power for a variety of devices and appliances while on the road.

And since they’ve released so many amazing generators throughout the years, many are wondering what’s the difference between them? Today we will talk about the difference between the EU30i handy and the EU22i.

Of course, the main difference is that the EU30i handy has 3000W valuable power and the EU22i has 2200W valuable power, so that’s 800W more on the EU30i handy.

Now, what does that mean for you?

What that means for me is that when the EU30i is running the same appliances as EU22i, it’s running less of its capacity, so it runs at a much quieter note.

That’s a very important feature if you’ve got a lot of heavy appliances running and a better choice if you are easily annoyed by the noise.

Both these units are inverters so if you want to start an air conditioning unit, they both got that little bit of extra power you need to get those compressors up and running.

Let’s talk more about the features.

When you look at the front of these machines, there are very little differences between the two:

  • both got two 15 AMP outlets
  • both have lights as an indicator on what’s happening
  • both have parallel lead facilities to joint two of these similar machines together to get double the amount of power
  • both have economy switches designed to reduce more power when you need it
  • both have on and off switches.

The only difference on the front of the two machines is that EU22i does have a fuel cutout switch while the EU30i handy does not.

How do the two machines vary when running some heavy appliances?

This is where you can see the biggest difference between the two machines.

If you run the EU22i and test it by plugging in the air conditioner, silver fridge, pedestal fan, hairdryer, toaster and microwave all at the same time, expect the machine to get louder and louder as more appliances are being used. It’s louder because it’s working a little bit harder. This will go on for a few seconds until the power cuts out because of overloading.

But when we run the EU30i handy and perform the same test by plugging in the same appliances, the machine won’t get louder because it doesn’t have to work too hard. It will remain quiet and won’t overload because less of its capacity is being used.

So just remember, if you think you’ll be needing more appliances for your trip or caravan, then the Honda EU30i handy got you covered in a lot of situations.



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