Everything You Need To Know About The EU20i Honda Generator

eu20i honda generator

The EU20i Honda Generator is probably one of the most popular generators on the market. It’s lightweight and portable design makes it ideal for any family getaways. If you have it or plan on buying it, here’s everything you need to know.

Everything You Need To Know About The Honda EU20i

The Honda EU20i is probably one of the most popular generators on the market. It’s lightweight and portable design makes it ideal for any family getaways.

It also has a lot of features built into, like it’s amazing 12V battery charger, parallel leads and an economy switch for long running times.

The Honda EU20i will also run any caravan air conditioner on the marketplace.

Let’s talk more about it in this article.

What Will The Honda EU20i Power?

A EU20i Honda Generator is ideal for both professional and recreational use.

In your caravan, it will run all your appliances at the one time.

The inverter technology means that you can run sensitive equipment like LCD TV with complete comfort.

With the economy mode, you will find that you can run up to 10 hours while some generators can only last up to 8.

The Honda E20i has the power and capabilities to keep your caravan running in any situation.


How To Parallel Your Honda EU20i

So we know that the Honda EU20i has got you covered in most circumstances, but sometimes you might want a little bit more power and that is possible.

For longer trips or bigger appliances, you can join two of these generators together to get twice the power.

When you decide to connect your parallel leads up, just connect one parallel lead first – left to left, then the second lead – the right to right and you’re done! It’s so simple and the microprocessors will do the rest of the work for you.

Now that you’re operating your two units under the parallel facility, just remember that just use one unit as the master and use the other unit as the slave.

So just connect the 240V to one unit only.

When you don’t need as much power, you can simply turn off the slide unit.

If you need to see a demo, we’ve got a video for you below:


How to Service your Honda EU20i

Just like any standing engine, your Honda EU20i needs it’s regular service and maintenance too. Here’s what you have to do.


Changing Oil

First, remove the flap off the front of the Honda Generator using a flathead screwdriver to get into the oil aperture. On the bottom left-hand corner, you will see the oil dipstick, oil fill and oil drain.

To remove the oil, just tip the machine and be ready with a container to catch all the oil from the machine. Make sure everything drains properly.

After that, replace the oil from your generator with the Honda 10W-30 oil right up to the bottom of the thread, or you can use the oil dipstick to check the level of the oil.


Cleaning The Air Filter

Once you’ve got the oils replaced you should also check your air filter as well. Once again, use a flathead screwdriver to access the air filter. To clean it, just take it out, wash it in warm soapy water and you can reuse it many times.


Maintaining The Spark Plug

The spark plug is very easy to maintain. Just make sure you use a spark plug spanner that comes with the model and when you replace it, use only the spark plug that’s recommended in the manual.


Fuel Stabiliser

Most of us don’t use the EU20i on a regular basis. That’s why your service kit comes with some fuel stabiliser to keep the fuel fresh in the tank for a long period of time.

We also don’t recommend any ethanol-blended fuels.

So just to make that maintenance even easier, we deliver these service kits right to your door.

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