Generator Safety Tips – How to stay safe while using a generator

Generator Safety Tips

Portable generator safety tips are really important to keep in mind. We know that generators can make our lives so much easier and we rely on them in conditions when we’re without a power source but there are some risks associated with using them which means it’s essential to pay close attention to safety at all times.

Here are some easy-to-follow tips to keep in mind when using your generator

Never use a generator in an enclosed area, such as a garage.

Generators give off carbon monoxide, which can be deadly, so make sure the generator is placed outdoors, in a well-ventilated area.

Make sure your generator is properly wired and grounded.

Improper wiring can cause electrocution, generator fires, and even damage to your unit. Regular servicing of your generator can help keep it operating well.

Always start your generator outdoors, and never operate it inside your home.

You should always start your generator outdoors. That’s the only safe place for running it. Don’t ever attempt to use a generator indoors as it can release harmful gases. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real danger, so it’s important to take generator safety seriously.

Keep the generator dry. If it gets wet, it could short out and start a fire.

If your generator gets wet or if you spill something on it then there’s a risk that it could short out and start a fire. Make certain it’s stored in a safe and dry place when not being used and never attempt to start it if it’s been exposed to moisture.

Be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

When you use a generator, be sure to read and follow all of the instructions and guidelines carefully. While most generators are similar, it’s essential to read and note the information provided for the particular model you are using.

Never overload the generator.

It’s important to only use the amount of power that the generator is rated for and if you try to use more power than that, things can get dangerous. You might blow a fuse or even start a fire. So read the guidelines carefully and only attempt to use the amount of power that the generator is actually rated for.

Keep children and pets away from the generator.

Be sure to keep children and pets away from the generator. They’re likely to be curious, but if they get too close, they might get hurt.

Store generator fuel safely

One of the most important generator safety tips is to store your fuel safely. Make sure to keep your generator fuel in a cool, dry place and away from children and pets. Also, never store generator fuel near an open flame or in a garage, basement, or other enclosed space.

Monitor the generator’s temperature when it’s in use.

If it ever feels too hot to the touch, turn your generator off and let it cool down.

Make sure you keep flammable materials away from the generator.

One of the biggest dangers of portable generators is fire. Make sure you keep flammable materials such as gasoline, propane tanks, and rags away from the generator. If something catches on fire near the generator, it could result in a serious accident.

Never try to fix a generator yourself. If it is not working properly, call a qualified technician.

Trying to fix a generator yourself is not worth the risk. If something goes wrong, you could get seriously injured. So, if your generator is not working properly, call us on 1800 442 447 to have one of our qualified technicians take a look at it.

These safety tips have been shared to keep you and others safe when using a portable generator and by following them, you can help prevent avoidable accidents and injuries. Most importantly, always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and speak to us at The Generator Place if you have any questions about using your generator safely.

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