Super Quiet Generators

The Honda EU range of super quiet generators is the ultimate in powerful inverter technology and commercial-grade quality. Ideal for caravans, camping and whenever you’re on the move, Honda generators are widely known for their durable construction, lightweight and portable frame, reliable source of power and – most importantly – whisper-quiet operation.

There’s nothing worse than getting close to nature and having the quiet serenity ruined by a loud, humming generator. But at the same time, you shouldn’t have to give up your creature comforts just because you’re away from home.

The solution: the EU range of Honda generators. Powerful and super quiet, they let you stay connected to the rest of the world without compromising on everything you love about getting away from it.

How They Do It

At Generator Place, our impressive selection of super quiet generators means you can travel off the main grid without having to give up your power supply. Enjoy air conditioning, fridges, laptops, phones, cameras, GPS devices and more – all fully powered by a generator so quiet you’ll forget it’s even there!

So what makes our Honda generators so ideal?

  • The latest inverter technology: Inverter generators are much quieter than equally powered standard generators because of their advanced energy transformation technology. They transform raw electricity into DC (direct current) power, and from DC power into AC (alternating current) power. This is the type of power required by your electronic devices and wall outlets.
    The difference between inverter generators and standard generators, however, is in the resulting AC power. Inverter generators produce power in sine waves with a low level of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), which means it’s cleaner and purer than power produced by a standard generator and safer to use in sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Unique eco-throttle system: Honda is leading the way in super quiet generators with its innovative eco-throttle system in the EU range. This advanced technology automatically adjusts the generator’s engine speed to match the load demand, which means the engine doesn’t have to run at full capacity until it needs to.
    If you’re powering a light load like a radio or TV, the engine will run slowly. But if you’ve connected a larger load, the engine will automatically run faster. only increases fuel efficiency but also makes the generator ultra-quiet, meaning you can use your devices without spoiling the peace and quiet of your surroundings.
  • Smart design and construction: The EU range of Honda generators combines specially designed housing with a lightweight recoil start system to deliver the very best in portability, reliability and strength.
    With Honda’s exclusive high-speed multi-point alternator technology integrated into the engine itself, the overall size and weight of the generator reduced by 25-50% of a conventional model without compromising on power. Plus, with their noise reducing casing and acoustic panelling, you can enjoy whisper-quiet operation throughout the day and night.
  • Commercial-quality power: One thing Honda consistently does well is delivering high-quality, commercial-grade power, and their range of super quiet generators is no different. Featuring microcomputer-controlled sine wave inverters and powerful engines, these generators provide reliable, 4-cycle power that you can depend on.
    Ideal for home, recreational and professional uses alike, Honda generators can be used to power everything from simple handheld devices to sensitive electronics like computers.

Super Quiet Generators for When You’re on the Move

At Generator Place, our catalogue of super quiet generators is second to none. If you need clean, reliable power when you’re away from home, the EU range of Honda generators combine the very best of power, portability and ultra-quiet operation to give you full use of your electronics no matter where you are.

And, with a one year commercial warranty and four year domestic warranty on every Honda generator, you can rest easy knowing you’ll always have power when and where you need it.

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