Getting ready for camping season, how about taking a generator?

The Easter long weekend is coming up and for many Australians, that means a few days away camping with friends or family. For outdoors enthusiasts who enjoy camping, there are a few things that are essential for a comfortable trip – a tent, sleeping bags, food, clothing and a way of cooking meals and keeping your perishables cold. There are a variety of ways to prepare camp food, and of course, ice in an esky can keep things cold but one of the simplest ways of making camping easier is with a portable generator to take care of these tasks and more.

A portable generator is battery-operated, so it doesn’t require any cords or plugs. This makes it a great option for camping, as you can use it to power your camping stove and portable fridge, or charge your phones and other devices. You could even think about taking the coffee machine! There are a variety of different portable generators on the market, so it’s important to do your research to find the one that’s right for you. Our team of generator experts at The Generator Place are always available to discuss your needs and recommend a unit that’s suitable.

Before you go camping, it’s a good idea to test your portable generator in a safe, open space. Make sure you know how to start it and how to safely operate it. It’s also important to read the instruction manual, as each generator is a little different.  Once you’re familiar with your generator, pack it up along with some fuel and you’ll be all set for a great camping trip.

Once you’ve got your portable generator all set up and you’re familiar with how it works, it’s time to start packing for your camping trip. Be sure to pack your tents, sleeping bags, food, clothing and other essentials. And, naturally, don’t forget your generator, you’ll wonder how you ever went camping without one!

Of course, even if you purchase a generator to make camping more comfortable, there are many more advantages to owning one and having one on hand in the garage. Once you own a generator, you’ll never have to be without power again. If a storm knocks down the power lines or if there’s a blackout in the neighbourhood, a generator can keep the lights on and the refrigerator running. It can be a real life-saver, literally!

If you’re looking for a portable generator to make your next camping trip easier, The Generator Place has a wide range of units to suit your needs. Our team of experts are always available to discuss your requirements and recommend the perfect model for you. Contact us today or visit us online to learn more.

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