Honda 3KVA Generator: A Full Overview Of The Lightest Portable Inverter Generator On The Market

Honda 3KVA Generator

Honda Motor Company Limited is a Japanese public multinational corporation founded in September 1948. Since its founding, the Japanese company made a name for itself as one of the most famous car manufacturers worldwide.

In 1978, Honda took on a new challenge and began producing power equipment around 4-stroke engine technology. This led the company to create user-friendly and fuel-efficient power equipment that is incredibly durable and provides long-lasting performance.

Today, Honda generators are among the most trusted power equipment in the market, especially the Honda EU30i 3KVA Generator.

Overview of the Honda EU30i 3KVA Generator

The new Honda 3KVA Generator is championed as the lightest portable 3000-watt inverter generator under the Japanese company. The EU30i has a compact design that makes it ideal for on-site energy needs.

This provides users with clean and reliable power that is safe for use on sensitive devices, such as desktop computers and technical equipment. Additionally, the new Honda EU30i is capable of running many kitchen appliances and charging DC batteries.

If you’re looking for a fuel-efficient generator, the 3KVA generator is definitely the one you need. The Honda EU30i can operate for up to 8 hours at ¼ load on a tank of petrol. The generator’s Eco-Throttle system allows it to extend run time and adjust fuel consumption based on the power demand.

With this generator, you won’t have to worry about operating in the dark. Each machine is equipped with built-in recessed lights for after-dark operations. It also has an LED output and warning indicator lights.

Take a look at some of the other features of the Honda 3KVA Inverter Generator:

Folding handle

The Honda EU30i features a foldable handle and large transportation wheels that make it easier for a single person to move and manoeuvre the machine. The handles are also fixed, making them ideal for loading and unloading.

Extremely reliable

Honda Motor Company has equipped the 3KVA Generator with their commercial-grade OHV series 4-stroke engine. This system allows users to start the generator without much fuss.

Lightweight design

The Honda EU30i 3KVA Inverter Generator is made using a magnesium frame and a resin casing. This means the machine is incredibly lightweight, weighing just 35 kg.

Oil Alert System

The Honda 3KVA features the Oil Alert System, which automatically shuts the unit down when the oil drops below the safe operating level. The system is highly reliable in preventing engine damage.

Parallel Mode

Each 3KVA Generator can be linked to another power equipment of the same model to provide more power with a maximum output of 6kVA.

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* The Honda 3KVA Generator comes with a standard 4-year Honda warranty.

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