Honda EU10i Portable Generator: What Are Its Benefits?

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Portable generators are known as one of the best and most useful tools available. These machines are powerful, convenient, versatile and easy to use.

Honda EU10i Portable Generator: What Are Its Benefits? 

Powerful, convenient, and easy to store—these are some of the features that most portable generators boast. Quick and easy to move, portable generators are considered one of the most suitable backup power sources to use in homes and businesses across Australia. As well as this, they are a great power source for camping, food trucks and trailers and more!

Power outages can cause severe problems at home or at work. Let’s face it, we rely on power! A portable generator can power your home and most commercial locations when the harsh weather causes blackouts, allowing you to use appliances in your home, the HVAC system, and even medical equipment should hospitals be left powerless. 


What are the top 5 benefits of having a portable generator?


  • Emergency Power

Businesses that provide essential services are expected to have power, especially in times of natural disasters. Portable generators can provide a reliable power source to first-responders, health care staff, hospitals, and clinics to run their medical equipment and give patients quality care. 

In a world where most people rely on technology, computers, smartphones, and tablets are essential to communicate or perform work. Portable generators ensure that you can ride out any power outage, even if the electrical blackout lasts for days. 

If you live in areas prone to strong winds and storms, a portable generator would be a wise investment. With a generator, you can stay safe and comfortable in your home. You can stay at home and ensure that essential appliances, including the fridge and the stove, are working. This allows you to reduce the risk of your food rotting and going to waste. It also allows your stove to keep running when you need to cook food for your family. And keep you with phones and laptops charged should you need them.


  • Power Supply for Camping

Many campers rely on portable generators to power their mini-fridge, air- conditioner and provide light. People who own recreational vehicles would benefit significantly from having a portable generator since it allows you the comforts of home wherever you are. 


  • Power for Tools

The benefits of investing in a portable generator also extend to non-emergency situations. Contractors working onsite use portable generators to power their electrical tools. Additionally, the transportability of portable generators allows contractors to move their power equipment over multiple locations without any fuss. 

Portable generators also allow contractors to do construction work during the nighttime. One machine can produce enough electricity to give workers adequate lighting and power for tools.


  • Damage Prevention

Electrical mishaps and power outages can cause damage to your appliances and food. Many portable generators can be programmed to turn on as soon as the power goes out to allow for seamless electricity. 

Having portable power equipment not only allows your appliances to keep running, but it would also give enough electricity to power your sump pump. No one would ever want to come home to flooded property. Additionally, it could also power your HVAC system, which helps prevent mould and mildew in homes located in humid areas. 


  • Outdoor Events

Any outdoor event can benefit greatly from the comfort and convenience provided by portable generators. Transform your regular backyard into an outdoor movie with some string lights and a screen projector. 

If you are an events planner, portable generators can help you give your client that perfect dream wedding by powering fog machines, stereos, and lighting. If you are hosting a sporting event, this power equipment can keep your scoreboard running smoothly. 


Here’s why Honda EU10i is the only generator you need

The EU10i portable inverter generator is the first power equipment of its size to feature a new system that provides commercial-quality electricity ideal for sensitive devices, such as computers and desktops. 

Honda’s new system effectively reduced the generator’s size by up to 50% compared to other conventional models in the market. 

The Honda EU10i generator comes with 12V charging leads and allows for parallel connection to double the electricity output to 2Kva. It also features an Eco-throttle system that instantly adjusts the engine speed to meet the demand. 

Get your own Honda EU10i today from The Generator Place. Each purchase comes with a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure that your investment is worth it. 

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