Honda EU70i Generator: A Full Review Of Honda’s Newest Power Machine

Honda EU70i Generator

Honda has been known to create some of the best generators on the market. The Japanese brand recently released a new line of Honda EU70i generators that are touted as the improved version of the beloved EU20i and Eu22i versions. Today, we will be highlighting this portable generator’s features and show you how to operate it. 

General Overview of the Honda EU70i Generator

The Honda EU70i Generator is currently dominating the market as the biggest EU series generator available. This powerful machine boasts a massive 7000-watt maximum output that can easily power food trucks and large caravans or campers for hours. 

The EU70i Generator is boosted on two-wheels and has fold-down handles that make transporting it a breeze. It also has a vented cap that keeps fuel from spilling out during transit.

This Generator uses Sine-Wave Inverter technology to ensure a smooth and high-quality flow of power, while also being safe for frequency-sensitive equipment, such as cellphones and laptop computers. 

If you’re worried about making noise, the Honda EU70i Generator is equipped with an ultra-quiet muffler that limits the sound it makes to Lwa 90 decibels. 


How can food trucks and coffee vans benefit from the EU70i Generator?

In recent years, food trailers have popped up in various outdoor events and entertainment venues. In these places, mobile businesses cannot generate too much noise or risk stealing the crowd’s attention away from the performer. 

Food trailer owners like Tim from Budget Three Trails at Roughly sat down with Andrew from the Generator Place where he praised Honda’s EU70i Generator for passing the noise rating of many event tours.

Tim also touted the generator’s hassle-free “Push Button Start” system, allowing food trailer owners to start up the machine with a simple push of a button. 

Like food trailers, coffee vans, large caravans and larger campers would also benefit from Honda’s EU70i. Each generator has three 15 AMP outlets where users can plug in their appliances. The machine also comes with a fuel switch to make it easier to switch the generator off when not in use. 

The generator is equipped with the Diagnostic Unity system that provides users with information on hours of operation, wattage, and engine speed. It can also detect when the machine is low on oil and automatically shut off the engine. 

Are you thinking of lifting the EU70i Generator? You can purchase a lifting bar made exclusively for the machine. The lifting bar is easy to attach to the unit and ensures safe lifting.

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