Kids and Campground Safety: Tips for Keeping Safe While Having Fun

Kids and Campground Safety

There are no hard and fast rules in a campground but here are a few kids and campground safety tips plus some strategies to keep them safe while still giving them the independence that is appropriate for their age.

Kids and Campground Safety: Tips for Keeping Safe While Having Fun

The main goal of every parent is to make sure that their kids are safe and sound. But we also want to teach them independence and responsibility. A lot of families are wondering how to keep their kids safe all the time while outdoors or how to manage multiple kids who want to do different activities.

The answer is different because every child is different, every parent is different and every campsite is different. There are no hard and fast rules but here are a few kids and campground safety tips and some strategies to keep them safe while still giving them the independence that is appropriate for their age.

Campground Safety for Babies and Toddlers: 

We understand that it is hard work to be adventurous when you have little ones and it’s a brave choice. The number one tip to get through this stage is to divide and conquer.

It’s so much easier for a single person to be in charge of one kid while the other person is on set up, break down or dinner duty.

Trouble happens when both parents are trying to get stuff done so assigning one parent on baby duty can make your lives so much easier.

This strategy will get you through tough years. By abiding to this rule, it can get easier.

Campground Safety for Young Children (4-7)

At the ages of four to seven, some parents may think it will be easier but many struggles with setting boundaries while still giving kids independence.

Some parents may not allow their child to be alone at a campground but other parents want their kids to have a taste of the same independence they had in their youth. The campground is a great place to let kids stretch their wings and run free.

So if you want to raise your kids to be responsible and independent then start the hard work at this age. Think about all the skills it would take for them to stay safe and begin to train them early. Here are some examples:

       Car and Bicycle Awareness: Stop at the edge of the road and let them wave to cars passing by.

       Campsite Awareness: Tell your kids to memorise your site number so they can get help easily when separated.

       Basic Stranger Training: Give them a specific guideline on what adults they should seek out when in trouble like employees, mothers with kids, etc.

       Role Play Scenarios: Ask them what they would do in certain circumstances – getting hurt, lost or having other kids misbehaving.

If you keep practising these things, your children will be more prepared when they’re finally old enough for some real independence.

Campground Safety for For Kids Who Are Ready For Independence

When it comes to doing something independently, there is no age requirement, but a level of responsibility. There is no single age when your kids will suddenly become capable of doing things on their own.

However, before they turn eight or nine, kids should be given opportunities to practice their independence. Here are a few things you can do:

       Choose a campsite that’s only a few sites away from the playground, so they can play by themselves but you can still watch them from afar.

       Let them ride in bicycle ‘loops’ that you’ve approved.

       Ask them to buy something from the camp store.

       Have them lead you back to the campsite

       Wait outside while they play in the arcade by themselves.

Campground Safety for Pre Teens and Teens

Once they reach this age, you have to be sure that they are mature enough to not be a danger for the other kids in the campground. One of the biggest campground complaints we hear is from parents who hate it when older kids take over the kids playground or pool and act in a way that makes the space unsafe for smaller kids. 

If you are going to allow your older kids to enjoy the amenities in the camp, make them do some legwork in advance. Talk to them about bicycle safety and how to watch out for younger children. 

Campground Safety: The Wrap Up

The most important thing about kids and campground safety is to pay attention to your child’s maturity level in a campground environment. Every campground is different and rules may change from place to place.




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