Overview Of The Honda EU22i Generator

honda eu22i generator

Everyone loved the Honda EU20i so much that Honda decided to create a much better version, the Honda EU22i Generator. Today, we are going to talk about all the features of this portable generator and how you can start and stop it.

Overview Of The Honda EU22i Generator

The Honda EU20i Generator has been one of the most popular and best-selling camping generators on the market. Everyone loved it so much that Honda decided to create a much better version of it, the EU22i. Today we are going to talk about all the features of this portable generator.

Starting from the top of the generator, you’ve got an easy-grip handle for easy lifting and transporting. Beside that is the vented cap that keeps the fuels from coming out when in transit or not in use.

Off position means no fumes and on position is for running.

Now let’s talk about the front of the machine.

There are two 15amp outlets that allow you to connect it straight to the van or to other appliances.

Below that, you’ll find a really handy 12V charging outlet for charging batteries.

Then, beside the amp outlets, you’ll see the parallel leads which allows you to get twice the capacity by joining two of these machines together, perfect for longer trips or if you have many appliances to plugin.

Besides the parallel leads, you’ll find the economy switch. This allows you to choose how much revs are being used while running.

If it’s on the machine will run at the lowest possible revs to give you the longest possible run time. This is perfect when you’re running small appliances like toasters, ovens, radio, small fans and more.

In the off position, the machine will run at its maximum revs. This is good for charging and when you’re starting heavy appliances like an air conditioner, microwave, fridge, etc.

We generally recommend running this in the on position.

You’ve also got three lights in the front that serve as an indicator on what’s happening. There’s an oiler light that’ll alert you when the oil is low, there’s an overload light that will flash red lights for about 10-15 seconds before it stops when you overload it. Lastly, there’s the little green light that simply indicates that the machine is running.

Moving on to the side of the machine. It’s also very simple. You’ll find the choke lever on the upper part.

As a new feature for this Honda EU22i Generator, you’ll find an off switch for the fuel at the lower right side. This allows you to turn off the fuel when you know you’re not going to use the machine for a long period of time.

At the top of that fuel switch, you’ll find the new and improved recoil starter handle for easy starting, it also has a new metal guard so you avoid any damage to the machine when starting.

Overall, the Honda EU22i Generator is an improved version of the previous generator we all loved and can power more than ever before. Perfect for leisure use, back-up power and for the job site use.


How To Start And Stop Your Honda EU22i Generator

Starting and stopping your Honda EU22i Generator can never be easier, and in this article, we will walk you through the process.

How to start your Honda EU22i:

The first step is to rotate the vent in the cap to the on position. The vented cap can be found at the top of the machine beside the handle or the grip.

Next step is to make sure that the fuel switch is in the on position. If not, just move the lever pointing up to the on position.

The third step is to move the choke lever to the on the position as well.

Now that you’ve checked that all three are on, it’s time to pull the starter. The machine should start running at the first pull.

Then take it off the choke position and the machine should be running fine.


How to stop your Honda EU22i:

If you want to stop it, you’ve got a few options.

  1. You can turn the fuel switch to the “fuel off” position and let it run out of fuel if you’re going to leave it for a long period of time.
  2. You can simply move it to the off position below the “fuel off” position to stop.




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