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There are few things better than getting out into the great outdoors and enjoying a camping trip with family or friends. When the sun starts to set, you light the fire and sit around toasting marshmallows and sharing stories as night falls.

Thanks to the availability of small generators for camping, it’s now also possible to enjoy ice cold beers from the esky and provide ambient lighting to keep your family safe and sure-footed at night.

Taking a generator camping means that you get to enjoy creature comforts like refrigeration and lighting – even when you’re going bush. A camping generator shouldn’t be noisy (so you can enjoy the serenity), and thanks to the range of Honda camping generators from Generator Place, you can ensure that you have access to power when you need it most.

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  • Honda EU10i Generator Web - Unit Only

    Honda EU10i Generator Web – Unit Only

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  • Honda EU22i Generator - Unit Only

    Honda EU22i Generator Web – Unit Only

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Why a Camping Generator?

When you’re camping, you need to respect the fact that most people go camping to get away from noisy city sounds. As a result, you have to be very aware of how loud your generator is and the level of noise you’re putting out.

Our range of generators are quiet and are among the best generators for camping. If roughing it is out of the question when you camp – or if you just want to enjoy a bit more power – a camping generator is what you need.

Benefits of a camping generator

  • Enjoy lighting in and around your campsite (perfect for festivals or family trips)
  • Keep cool in the hot Aussie summer with a fan
  • Get your caffeine fix with a coffee machine
  • Pop a stew in the slow-cooker and enjoy gourmet cooking in the bush
  • Keep the mozzies at bay with your electric bug zapper
  • Charge all your necessary electrical goods

And anything else you can dream up! Indoor-types don’t need to shy away from the great outdoors any longer with our great range of Honda generators to keep you powered up no matter where you are.

Camping Generator Range

Choose from a great range of super-quiet Honda generators for your next camping expedition and enjoy power unlike any other.

Honda EU22i

Weighing in at 21kg, this Honda generator (with eco-throttle for economic operation) provides superior power for a range of camping applications – while still being portable.

Honda EU10i

This generator sets a new standard in portable power. Enjoy controlling engine speed based on demand with the eco-throttle as you power a range of devices or appliances. Weighing just 13kg, this is one of our most popular camping generators. It can power lighting, a TV, a laptop and still have power to spare.

Our range of Honda generators is perfect for camping and whenever you’re on the move thanks to their durability, lightweight and portable frame, and the reliable source of power. And the best part? Whisper-quiet operation at just 52 decibels. That’s as loud as light traffic or your home fridge.

Honda generators let you get as close as you want to nature without giving up any of the comforts of home.

What to Consider?

When you’re buying a new camping generator, there are a few things to think about.

Honda EU22i Generator


When you’re looking to buy a new product, you have to take the price into consideration. Especially when you’re investing in a new item that you’re going to be using for years to come – like a camping generator. While there are cheaper generators on the market, there’s no substitute for the quality of a Honda generator. Our generators start at $1,499 and offer incredible value for money.


You need to ensure that when you’re spending money on a product that it’s going to last. The last thing you want on your next camping trip is to be repairing your generator instead of enjoying a meal with your family! Far better to opt for quality and get a Honda generator that is designed to last.


Our Honda camping generators come with a four year domestic or one-year commercial warranty.

Endless Features for Camping

When out camping, you need to ensure that the noise is considered. While it’s great to have cold food and a fan to keep your comfortable, it’s no good if your neighbours are upset about the noise levels. Keep everyone happy with a quality camping generator from Generator Place.

Quiet camping generators

Don’t make enemies with your generator – choose a quality quiet generator from our range of camping generators.


The main requirements when camping? Portability. You need to consider that you might have to move your generator around from time to time, and so that’s why our range of camping generators is perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

Great run time

When camping, the last thing you want to worry about is running out of fuel in the middle of the night. A full tank of fuel should give you a steady stream of power for at least 8 hours – and our range can operate for up to 10 hours continuously (with eco-throttle engaged).


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Power Your Campsite with Generator Place

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We look forward to making your next camping trip an absolute breeze thanks to our range of camping generators. Shop our range of camping generators here.