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Caravan TrailerCaravan holidays wouldn’t be the same without a consistent and reliable connection to electricity, but what if you’re camping in a location without access to mains power? A caravan generator will keep you powered in any place and at any time.

At Generator Place, we have the ultimate range of Honda generators for sale, with multiple options perfectly suited to caravans. From a portable generator that can be moved around with ease to large industrial caravan generators that give you access to the same quality electricity as mains power, Generator Place has it all.

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  • Honda EU10i Generator Web - Unit Only

    Honda EU10i Generator Web – Unit Only

    RRP $1,499 $1,299
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  • Honda EU22i Generator - Unit Only

    Honda EU22i Generator Web – Unit Only

    RRP $2,099 $1,699
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  • Honda EU30is Generator

    Honda EU30is Generator

    RRP $4,199 $3,555
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  • Honda EU30iu Generator Web - Unit Only

    Honda EU30iu Generator Web – Unit Only

    RRP $3,359 $3,050
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Our Caravan Generator Range

EU10i Honda Generator – Sometimes a small and highly portable generator that can be used to charge your caravan battery bank is all you need. That’s why Honda created the EU10i which is ideal for caravans without air-conditioning units. This compact and cost-effective model guarantees commercial-quality electricity and is also suitable for powering computers.

EU22i Portable Honda Generator – TOP PICK

This 2000W Honda generator has the right combination of benefits and features to make it a top pick for most caravan enthusiasts. It can charge anything you will need in a caravan including your TV, lights, fridge and battery charger. This model even has enough power to keep air-conditioning units running. No wonder it’s the most popular generator on the market!

EU30iu HANDY Portable Honda Generator

While out and about in your caravan, why not make life a little easier by investing in a generator with additional portability features including inbuilt wheels and a handle, so you can move it around easily wherever you need power. Transporting and using the EU30iu generator couldn’t be easier thanks to its lightweight design, high fuel efficiency and maximum power output of 3000W.

EU30is Portable Honda Generator – TOP PICK

Keep every possible appliance you could ever need powered in your caravan with the EU30is. Its ability to generate commercial-quality electricity every time paired with its portability and ability to power up frequency sensitive electrical equipment make it a winning choice for caravans.

Top Tips for Choosing a Caravan Generator

All these Honda generators have a caravan-ready outlet that can be plugged in easily, so whichever generator you buy, it will suit. However, there are a few tips every caravan enthusiast should keep in mind to ensure you make the right choice for your caravanning needs. For even more generator advice, check out our videos which are full of helpful tips.

Size and Power – Do you consider yourself a low, medium or high power consumer? How much power you intend to use will have a big impact on the generator you should purchase.

If you will only be charging a caravan battery bank and low demand appliances, a generator up to 1200W should be sufficient.

Mid-range caravan generators up to 2000W are ideal for caravans with an air conditioner or for powering a laptop or TV. If you would rather have the same level of power access that you would have at home, a heavy-duty 3000W model is just as good as being connected to mains power.

This is especially necessary if you will be running a larger air conditioner which could use up 2000-2500W on its own.

Noise – There’s nothing worse than having the noisy whirr of a generator on a campsite where you’re supposed to be on a peaceful and quiet holiday amongst nature. Not only can excessive noise be disruptive to you, but it can also disrupt surrounding campers. Luckily Honda generators are made to run quietly. Our super quiet generators deliver minimal noise and superior power output.

Portability – A portable generator can be a big plus for any caravan. Generators can be heavy and depending on its size; can also be difficult to store. Consider first where the generator can be stored while travelling and weigh up the weight and size with the overall budget.

The higher powered 3000W units do intend to be bigger, heavier and less portable. Try your best to pick a caravan generator that is relatively easy to move and carry. Wheels and handles will also be an extra plus, giving you more flexibility.

Features – There are a number of features you could invest in that would be ideal for use with a caravan. For example, remote start allows you to start a generator easily without having to leave your caravan. Another feature you will want to consider is a sine wave inverter. This feature regulates the power output and frequency to replicate mains power, which allows you to charge laptops and computers.

Fuel Efficiency – If you need a consistent and dependable power supply, make sure you choose a caravan generator with high fuel efficiency. These days most inverter generators are able to run continually for 7 to 8 hours. It’s also worthwhile having access to a second source of fuel that’s safely stored away to top up your caravan generators in emergencies when fuel is running low.

Solar Power Setup – Don’t think you need a generator if you have a solar power setup? Think again. More often than not, most campers who go on holiday in their caravan don’t always get enough power from solar panels to run the appliances they need, especially if there’s lots of cloud cover. A generator is a great backup option to ensure you always have access to electricity when you need it.

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Honda Generators for Sale at Generator Place

Next time you travel across Australia in your caravan, have peace of mind knowing you can power all the essentials for an easy and relaxing holiday by having a Honda generator on hand.

We have all caravan generators with pictures, features and specifications listed on our website, allowing you to make an informed choice about which generator you would like to purchase. We can also send you a free Honda generators brochure with comprehensive information about all the caravan generators listed on our website, and you can call our team at any time on 1800 442 447 for advice.

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