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Industrial Generators

The Honda range of industrial generators is world-renowned for their power and precision on the worksite, combining feature-packed functionality with stable power delivery and smooth, easy operation.

Designed specifically for all Australian worksites from the mining and farming industries to emergency services, our Honda generators bring you the latest generator technology and smart design for the very best in reliable, efficient, commercial-grade power.

At Generator Place, we proudly stock the EP, EG and Gene 21 series of Honda generators, designed and built for the toughest industrial environments. Featuring solid, heavy-duty construction and unbeatable performance so you’re always right on schedule, Honda’s industrial generators are also built for user convenience and are simple to use, portable, quiet and environmentally-friendly. Read more.

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  • Honda EG3600CX Generator

    Honda EG3600CX Generator

    RRP $1,929 $1,699
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  • Honda EG4500CX Generator

    Honda EG4500CX Generator

    RRP $2,089 $1,849
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    RRP $5,990 $5,749
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  • Honda EM30 Generator

    Honda EM30 Generator

    RRP $1,999 $1,750
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  • Honda EP2200CX Generator

    Honda EP2200CX Generator

    RRP $1,099 $949
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Honda’s Industrial Generator Range

Industrial generators are Honda technology at its best. The range includes:

The EP series: The EP2200CX is a tough and reliable model, designed specifically for construction sites and other demanding work environments. It’s powered by Honda’s revolutionary GX160 engine, known for fuel efficiency and consistent power delivery, while its one pull easy start system guarantees a simple start the first time, every time.

The EG series: Redefining the open-frame generator for the modern worksite, the EG3600CX, EG4500CX, EG5500CX and EG5500CXS are Honda’s answer to heavy-duty power combined with portability. Lightweight and easy to transport, they feature a sturdy full frame for superior engine protection and advanced electricity regulation for stable performance and a longer life.

The Gene 21 series: The EM30 is ideal for delivering a constant supply of high-quality power to a wide range of professional and work equipment onsite. With smart cyclo-converter technology, it ensures clean and economical power with minimal distortion, no matter how much the load fluctuates. This makes it ideal for industrial environments where long-term power is required.

Endless Features for Endless Opportunities

Honda generators lead the way in industrial-quality products, combining advanced technology with robust design and plenty of functionalities for a generator that’s ready to work whenever you are. Power your tools and equipment when and where you need them, and keep your work on schedule.

The impressive features of Honda’s industrial generator range include:

  • Honda EG3600CX GeneratorStable power delivery: Honda’s unique D-AVR (Digital Auto Voltage Regulator) uses a precise microcomputer to detect, calculate and control outlet voltage at an inverter-like level. This means superior electricity stability and a reduced load on your equipment being powered, resulting in better performance and a longer life.
  • Large capacity fuel tanks: The supersized fuel tanks in Honda’s industrial generator range means you can use them for longer before having to refuel. Plus, by operating on standard unleaded fuel, you can say goodbye to mixing oil and petrol or messing around with two-stroke oil ever again.
  • Smooth, quiet operation: Honda generators are renowned for their whisper-quiet operation and thanks to their anti-vibration engine mounts and large noise-suppressing mufflers, their industrial range is no different. No matter how early in the morning it is or how late at night, you can power your tools and equipment with confidence.
  • Easy start technology: Your generator will start the first time, every time, no matter how long it’s been in storage. Honda’s one pull easy start system means problem-free starting, more reliable operation and greater convenience.
  • Fuel efficiency: Honda’s revolutionary four-stroke engine has been designed with environmental impact in mind, delivering a high output performance and fuel efficiency. And, with fewer carbon emissions and noise, you can reduce your overall environmental footprint.


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Power Your Worksite with Generator Place

Generator Place is Australia’s leading retailer of high-performance Honda generators to keep your worksite moving. Delivering the very best in power, reliability, fuel economy and portability, Honda will make sure you can always work when and where you want, with an electricity supply you can depend on.

We are also proud to cover every industrial generator in our catalogue by a one year commercial warranty and a four year domestic warranty. So start shopping today – your commercial-grade Honda generator is only a click away!

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