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Industrial Generators

If you’re looking for long-term reliable service, look no further than industrial generators”. These machines are versatile and robust equipment designed to provide constant power despite blackouts and major systematic errors. 

There are a lot of businesses that rely on industrial generators to ensure seamless electricity. These industries include health, communication, information, agriculture, and manufacturing. Power failures in any of these sectors can cause catastrophic damage, including production losses, loss of data, serious accidents, or even death. 

For this reason, manufacturers design these generators according to strict parameters to ensure that the machines would effectively respond in the absence of electricity. 

How does an industrial generator work?

There are many types of industrial generators: natural gas generator, marine generator, and petroleum generator. These machines differ on the gas used, but they are essentially the same. 

Contrary to what most believe, generators do not produce power. The machine functions like a sewer system. It allows water to flow through it from one location to another without creating water itself. Industrial generators use the mechanical energy supplied by its engine to force electricity to move through an external circuit. 

Industrial generators are composed of seven different parts:

  • Engine

The engine produces mechanical energy. The size of a generator’s engine is proportional to the maximum power output it can supply. Generator engines can operate on a variety of fuels. Smaller engines typically operate on gasoline, while larger engines run on diesel or natural gas. 

  • Alternator

The alternator is a part of the machine that facilitates electrical output supplied by the engine. It is made of components that work together to generate electricity. 

  • Fuel System

On average, an industrial generator’s fuel tank has enough capacity to keep the machine running for up to 8 hours. In smaller generators, the fuel tank is mounted on top of the frame. Larger generator units may require an external fuel tank. 

  • Voltage Regulator

This component of industrial generators regulates the output voltage of the machine. The regulator features components that produce the output voltage needed to meet the demand. 

  • Cooling and Exhaust System

Generators are equipped with a cooling system that prevents them from heating when in use. The machine also features an exhaust system that disposes of toxic fumes emitted by a generator. 

  • Lubricating System

A generator’s engine is constantly lubricated by oil stored in a pump. The oil allows the moving parts in its engine to move smoothly for long periods. Experts suggest checking the oil level every eight hours of operation and changing the lubricant every 500 hours. 

  • Battery Charger

The generator’s start system is operated by a battery. The battery charger keeps the generator’s battery charged by supplying “float” voltage. 

What are the advantages of using industrial generators?

Businesses need the power to perform. Investing in a backup source of electricity would keep your business running, especially during unexpected outages. Here are the top three benefits of using industrial generators. 

Seamless electricity

Many industries need smooth operations to promote stability. With industrial generators, businesses would not have to worry about power outages to ensure seamless electricity. 

Prevent the loss of inventory

Industries that rely on refrigeration, such as health care and food, need electricity to prevent temperature-sensitive inventory from spoiling. Investing in a backup power generator avoids loss of stock and money. If you are in the healthcare industry, having a reliable generator could save lives. 

Avoid income loss

Customers are more likely to trust businesses that can keep their lights on, and their doors open even through unexpected blackouts. If you can keep your stores well-lit in a power outage, your business would appear reliable and stable. 

What’s the best brand of industrial generators?

The Honda Motor Company is a Japanese brand known for offering highly reliable and world-renowned outdoor power equipment. 

The Honda range of industrial generators is designed for all Australian worksites, including mining, food, farming, and emergency services. Each machine features the latest generator technology and modern design to provide efficient and reliable commercial-grade power.

Here at The Generator Place, we stock the toughest and most reliable Honda generators, including machines from the EP, EG, and Gene 21 series. The Honda generators are user-friendly, portable, quiet, and environmentally friendly. 

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