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Why Choose Honda?

A portable TV set was a great idea. Problem was, there was no portable electricity supply to go with it. Then in 1965 along came Honda with the E300, their first generator. It was small, light, and easy to use – just like the portable TV.

Generators to fulfil any need. Just like they solved the portable TV problem, they have solved many since. Whether it be industrial, recreational or emergency needs there’s a generator for it. And we can help you find it!

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Comprehensive Range of Generators & Accessories
We also sell all accessories required to operate your generator accurately and safely. We also have jump starters, and service kits available to purchase.
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Our Generator Place stores are located right across the country with more new stores on the way. We currently have 11 stores to choose from, each with all products l

Comprehensive Range of Generators & Accessories

For your convenience, you can also purchase every product we have in stock online via our website. Our online store is user-friendly and all shipments are made nationwide. Wherever you are located across Australia, you can take advantage of our amazing deals!

The Generator Place is the largest Honda retailer in Australia. In February 2005 the first Generator Place was opened in Brisbane, so with more than twelve years in business and the Generator Place now has 11 outlets around Australia.