Tips for Camping With Kids

camping tips with kids

Children love adventures more than anything and going on a nature-filled, home away from home getaway is something that will surely excite them. If you’re preparing for the best camping weekend, then here are 5 tips for camping with kids.

Tips for Camping With Kids

Leave the phone screens away and get ready for a fun and magical family weekend!

Children love adventures more than anything and going on a nature-filled, home away from home getaway is something that will surely excite them. It’s a fantastic way to spend time with your kids and can take away the stress of your daily living.

Here are 5 tips on how you can camp like a champ:


 1. Plan Ahead

A lot of campgrounds, especially the most popular ones fill up quickly. It is best to book months ahead to guarantee you have a spot. Checking the websites of your campsite for reservation procedures or calling them a few months in advanced is the first thing you should be doing. After securing the reservation, you can proceed with the next steps.


2. Pack Like A Pro

Packing for a camping trip with kids is different compared to how you would usually pack. You have to think carefully about what you should bring. A family camping trip requires a lot of preparation and thinking. There are many websites on the internet that has checklists on what to bring.

You should anticipate possible challenges so you can prepare, try to bring at least one of their most favourite toy, and add a few special touches if you can. But this does not mean you should overpack.

You can also give your children the responsibility to pack their own camping gears to build excitement and help them get involved, just make sure to double-check.


3. Conduct A Test Run

If it’s your kid’s first time to go to a camp, you should practice camp at home so they can become more comfortable in the sleeping environment. You can set a camp in your backyard or you can spend half a day at the nearest park and see how they react to the experience. You can do this a few times before the trip.


4. Pack Food They Like To Eat

Allow your kids to decide some of the menus so they can get even more excited about the trip. Ask them what they like and what snacks you should bring. It’s important to pack food that you know they would like and you should have easily accessible snacks available while travelling.

Think about your schedule and plan if you have time to cook in the morning. If you plan on cooking then make sure you have everything you need with you. Carefully pack every item and check how long your ingredients can stay fresh. If you don’t plan to cook at all, then you need to make sure you have enough snacks and options to last the entire trip. Remember that being outdoors can make your children very hungry so make sure you are prepared.

Don’t forget to bring plenty of water so you can keep your little ones hydrated.


5. Think Of The Family’s Safety

Before getting to the campsite, you can set some ground rules that your children can follow. What are their boundaries? Are there places in the campground they’re not around to be in? Do they know which way to go in case they get lost?

Giving them a whistle and teaching them how to blow in case they got separated from you will be a great idea. At night, make sure they have access to any light source. You can inspect the campground upon arriving so you can teach them which areas can be hazardous and which areas are safe.



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