Top 10 Camping Must-Have Australia

Camping Must Have Australia

Camping must have Australia. If you are getting ready for your next camping trip over the next few months, this guide will give you 10 camping must-haves that you should consider before you pack. Check them out.

Top 10 Camping Must-Have Australia

Australia has undeniable beautiful landscapes, challenging trails and amazing beaches that will surely make camping unforgettable. Now, think about your last camping trip, were you able to achieve everything you set out to do? Were you able to enjoy it? If you did or did not, it’s time to think about how you can make your next camping trip even more exciting with the right camping fear!

Australia is known for summer Christmas because summertime falls in the months of December, January and February. Summer camping is also common because of the thriving wildlife, beautiful coastlines, lush rainforests, starry night, vast landscapes and many more natural wonders. Most people would say they wouldn’t want anything more. But camping in Australia is best if you are well prepared and well equipped.

What to prepare?

The first step is to set a date for your camping trip then figure out which people you’d want to come with. After that, choose a camping site. Finding one is easy because there are hundreds of camping sites all over the state. Choose one or two so you have an option then do your research. Find out everything you can about the weather around the days you’ll be there. Check the news or go to MyFireWatch so you can stay updated.

Aside from all the usual camping gears and equipment like a tent, canopy, air bed or sleeping bag and cooking tools, you also need cool and life-saving gears. We have compiled a list for your must-have summer camping gears:

1. Solar Heated Portable Shower

Because its summer, you will be exposed to heat and sun so you will constantly sweat. A good shower can be a great relief and can help reduce stress. It will also boost your alertness and speed up muscle soreness aside from keeping you clean. It can be fun to soak yourself in a body of water but you can also bring your own shower.

A portable shower costs from $24 to $30. They are usually solar heated and can carry over 20 litres of water. You can bring a big one for the entire family or let them carry one for each member.

2. Camping Generator

A camping generator can be more reliable than you ever think. Most people would think a small generator can pack minimal supply but that’s not true anymore. Nowadays, inverter generators can provide up to five hours of running time even when its on economy mode. Some people would be against using generators because “It’s not camping if you have electricity.” It’s actually advisable to have electricity in a campsite. A generator will be great in emergencies. It is easy to pack and carry with its built-in wheels.

3. Portable Solar Panel

If you only have few small devices, a portable solar panel can work well for you. It’s easy to carry and they are much more affordable. It will be perfect for summer because of the brighter sun and you can have more uses for it.

Portable panels are now slowly becoming more popular in Australis. It will be very helpful especially if you chose a more remote location. Modern solar panels are more durable and they also come in handy with outdoor activities.

4. Air Compressor

A lot of campers are now bringing cars to make their trips much easier. It will save you from the hassles of carrying everything.

If you choose to bring a car on your trip, it will be advisable to check on your tiles before you go. Make sure that they are all properly inflated and you have a spare tire. For safety purposes, bring an air compressor so you will be ready just in case one of your tires gets punctured. It can also be useful for air beds and inflatable toys without built-in pumps.

5. Portable Fire Pit

Starting a campfire may sound exciting but when you’re in a lush rainforest, you might want to opt for something easier and safer. A portable fire pit can be the best option. It is much easier to carry and ignite. You will have heat anytime and you can even cook food without using a grill plate. But if you prefer something to warm you up, choose one with coated steel frame and sturdy legs.

6. LED Lights

When you bring your car, you should also take a multi-purpose LED light with you. These make it easier to navigate through dark woods because it shines brighter and needs lesser power. It is also easy to install and can prevent overheating.

Once on the campsite, you can use these lights around the campsite to stay illuminated and to keep bugs away. Modern LED lights are built to last. It will also be helpful when hiking, walking around at night or exploring a cave.

Proper lighting is important at night. Headlamps are the best option and they come with different lighting modes/ Make sure to buy one with better grip and that can be tied easily around the head. Always test if its comfortable before heading on.

7. Portable Water Filter

If you unexpectedly needed to stay longer on a trip and you ran out of water supply, it is best if you have a water filter. It will save you time, money and trips to the store that can be miles away. Most filters can carry four to six litres of water and are pump-free. Choose one that is high quality to make sure you get sanitised water.

8. Multi-Tools

Save yourself some space in your bag by bringing a multi-tool instead of a bunch of tools. Some multi-tools on the market can have 15 to 18 built-in instruments. You can easily carry it around or place inside your bag. It is perfect just in case there are dangers and emergencies just make sure you keep them away from kids.

9. Shade Sails

Your tent may be great at night but what about in the hot mornings? Shade sail canopies can shade up to 65% of UV light. They’re weather-resistant and can withstand extreme heat, strong winds and even heavy rain. A shade sail is easy to set up and has high-grade material to avoid rips and damages.

10. First Aid Kit

This is mandatory but summer is also the time for wild animals to go out and find water because of the heat. You may encounter snakes and other reptiles. Most campsites in Australia are well maintained and well taken care of so it’s unusual to draw them to campsites.

To avoid any of these, it’s great to bring snake repellants. Your first aid kit should also have medicines like aspirin, antacid, paracetamol and more. You should also include a bandage, tape, sterile gauze dressing and rash cream. Alcohols, scissors, cotton balls and thermometers are also needed. There are so many more gears and tools to choose from so don’t just base it on this list.

Read more for more camping tip!

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