Top 5 Camping Hacks For Families

camping hacks for families

If you are a camp lover we have a treat for you. Camping hacks for families. Here aRE 5 Of the most impressive hacks for camping as a family.

Such quick tricks are sure to get the Wow factor going, make it even more exciting to spend time in the great outdoors and make it a lot smoother for families.

There’s a hack in here for everyone, from simpler ways to prepare your food to the easiest storage methods that you’re guaranteed to find useful.

If you’re camping for recreation, or just loving to soak up the great outdoors, these tips are sure to make your camping experience better.

So, grab those camping supplies, including your generator, we’re about to learn some of the best and easiest ways to make the sweet camping life more convenient for you and your family.

  1. Lighting

Container Light: The lighting on this water container is brilliant. Just tie a headlamp to a large empty camping water bottle or container and it gives off just as much light as your lamp in the living room. It is enough to fill the entire tent. You need only the jug and your headlamp, which you can pick up at any store selling camping gear, and they are fairly inexpensive. It is perfect for the late-night talks, reading bedtime stories in the tent to get kiddos off to sleep, extra light for a midnight feast or as mood lighting for scary campfire stories.

  1. Storage

Tool Belt Torch: If you need to leave the tent at midnight, it’s too easy to forget where you put the torch. The last thing you want to be doing is finding your way in the dark. Especially for a late-night toilet trip with a tiny human. When it comes to storing your important things, an old tool belt is a genius camping hack. That way you know where everything is and it’s easy to be organised. Moreover, it is a reusable object that is usually just sat in the garage gathering dust in its many useful pockets. Give your tool belt a job and make family camping easier at the same time.

  1. Cooking

Slow Cooker Spices: Slow cooking is one of the easiest ways to eat food on a campfire. And this is one of our favourite camping hacks for families. So having your favourite spices and seasoning with you makes a lot of sense. The issue is they always come in bottles of unusual form and are prone to spilling. And, the fact they are usually glass isn’t great either. The answer? TikTak boxes. these refreshing little mints act as excellent storage cases for seasoning making a great travel-size supply. You can pack them away easily knowing your seasonings and spices for family camp meals are safe and sound.

  1. Cleaning

Camping Cleaning Solution: Vinegar is one of those rare substances where anything can be done with it. Despite its acidity, it is a great cleaner. It’s good for camping because it’s non-toxic, and you can clean with it easily without having to think about the effect on the world around you. The same is not true of other common cleaning agents. And it’s cheaper. Bonus!

  1. Bugs

Mosquito Repellent: We all know that mosquitoes and other flying insects are annoying while camping. The solution? Place sage in your campfire and the scent will certainly fend off any nasty mosquitoes.

  1. Bonus

Campfire Lighting: Just drop dryer lint into an empty paper toilet or paper towel roll and light up the lint when you’re ready to create the campfire.

The lint catches easily and the toilet roll prolongs the burn, creating perfect kindling!

Now you have the top 5 tips, and a bonus will make camping easier than ever before!


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