Top 5 Camping Must Haves For Beginners

Camping Must Haves for Families

Want to know what you need to take on your camping trip? Here are the top 5 camping must haves for beginners. Pause and think about what you would REALLY need before you break the bank and load up on any piece of equipment sold in your local camping store.

Shelter and Comfort are two of the most important things to consider. Think first of all about warmth, lighting and safety. When you spend the night shivering, your overnight camping trip could become completely miserable.

Sure, there will always be a new gadget or accessory to add to your camping experience, but if you want the best camping gear in 2020, there’s not an awful lot you need, and you need not look any further!

  1. Tent

It’s a given. You need to sleep somewhere!

The cover is needed. Which kind of tent you use depends on how many people there are in your camping party, on your budget, and on the time of year you camp. But if you choose to sleep under the stars, a tent or other emergency shelter should still be on hand just in case.

A tent will also protect you from high winds, snow, rain, extreme sunlight and more.

Make sure you bring with you all the supplies you need: rope, tent poles, stakes and a rain fly.

  1. Lights

It’s almost impossible to cook, find your tent and enjoy all other late-night camping entertainment without a bit of light. Whether you’d prefer a portable lamp, head torch or full-blown lighting system, make sure you have some form of lighting on your checklist.

Going to the toilet at 1 am in the dark isn’t fun.

  1. Sleeping  Bag

Resting on a bed of moss and leaves might sound nice, but when the sun goes down, it won’t keep you dry, warm or comfortable. At nightfall, temperatures will drop dramatically, often by 20 degrees or more.

Do keep in mind that many insects are most aggressive at night and will have a chance to make the most of your un-swaddled body. Going without a sleeping bag at best risks an unpleasant night’s sleep.

  1. First Aid

Thinking about fundamentals. What’s more important than a first aid kit?

We have water, illumination, shelter … but it is still a good idea to have a first aid kit. You never know when plaster is required.

When camping, it’s unlikely to suffer a life-threatening injury, but even a long day of hiking, biking, fishing or climbing can result in blisters that need bandaging. Even minor cuts and scrapes can get infected easily if left untreated so keep bandages and antiseptics on hand.

Other essentials will also accompany the first aid kit: scissors, glue, gauze, soap, a CPR mouth shield and an emergency whistle.

Just make sure to throw in sunscreen and insect repellent bottles. Sunburn and bug bites will terminate your trip as quickly as any laceration.

  1. Camping Cup

If you don’t fancy going hungry, some cooking equipment will be needed.

How extravagant you like to go on your cooking equipment is up to you, as long as you have plenty to eat and you are safe at the end of the day, what you use doesn’t matter. This is the reason a camp cup is ideal. It can be used for food and drink and most decent camping cups can withstand the heat of a campfire.

Others also come with knives, forks, and spoons as utensils. Meaning you have everything you need in a space-saving portable format without breaking the bank!

These are our recommendations for the top camping must haves for beginners. With these things you will find your camping trip to be alot smoother and more enjoyable.

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