Top 6 Generator Do’s and Don’ts

Top 6 Generator Do's and Don'ts

Travelling to Australia can be one of the greatest adventures of your life and here are the Top 6 Generator Do’s and Don’ts. It can be even better if you follow this guide.

Living in Australia is like being in a great adventure with it’s flourishing wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. Luckily for Australians, they don’t need to travel too far to experience a great time outdoors. They just need to find a camping spot, pitch their tents and enjoy. And for those still not comfortable with totally roughing it up, they can still enjoy camping using caravan generators.

Why Travel In A Caravan?

Being the sixth largest country in the world, driving around Australia can be a total joy. This is the reason why many vacationers prefer travelling by caravan or campervans rather than by car or planes and there are so many advantages. First off, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on hotel accommodations, all you really need to spend money on is gas and your other travel necessities.

Another thing, travelling by caravan gives you more privacy, greater camping experience and you can stay as close to nature as you want to be. Best of all, you can take as much stuff with you as you want without having to worry about extra baggage weight and fees. You can also bring some appliances that can help the trip so much better. You just need to purchase a portable generator which is widely available in the market to power all of your electrical appliances.

Caravan vs Campervan: Which one is better?

 To newbies, a caravan and campervan may sound exactly the same but these two are very different. Campervans are popular because they come in different types and are more affordable. They are lighter to tow which consumes lower duel for your vehicle and you can drive faster too. A campervan can also access off-road locations that some caravans cannot,

On the other hand, caravans are so much bigger and can provide all amenities like toilet and baths, storage and privacy that campervans cannot. Some caravan offers a separate bedroom with luxuries like air-conditioning, TV and fridge. If you are not used to just bare necessities, then getting a generator for your caravan will make the camping experience so much better.

How To Choose A Caravan Generator?

Just like anything else, you have to have basic knowledge of how to purchase and operate a caravan generator. If you are new to caravan camping, here are some factors you should consider when choosing one:

1. Number of appliances it will power

First thing you need to consider is knowing how much power it will generate. It’s important to make a list of all electrical appliances that you’re planning to bring then calculate how much power you’ll need to get them all to work. If you only want to bring a small appliance like the coffee maker or a toaster, then a simple generator can power those up. But if you are planning on bringing an AC unit, then you might want something with more power. Some AC requires a start-up and running power so you should consider that too. You can use this as a guide:

2. Small And Low-Demand Appliance – Buy something that can produce up to 1,200 watts. This is perfect for a mobile charger or fridge.

3. Medium-Sized Appliance And High Demand Appliance – Get a 2,000-watt camper generator. This is for TV, laptop or a blender.

4. Larger Appliance – Get a heavy-duty caravan generator that can produce more than 3,000 watts. Perfect for AC units.

How much noise it makes

Some generators produce too much noise when running. This is why most campers only use generators for emergency cases only. The noise can be a huge problem when you are near other campers. After all, everyone who camps are looking to relax and have some peace and quiet.

Fortunately, there are now some brands than can produce power quietly. Of course, choosing those can result in a price increase. Your best bet is to buy something that produces a noise lower than 7 decibels or just equal to the noise of human speech. It’s not as expensive but the noise is tolerable and won’t disturb your neighbours.

The type of fuel engine it uses

Ideally, you may want a generator that consumes the same type of fuel as your vehicle so it can be more convenient. The fuel also dictates how efficient your generator will be in producing power. A generators engine can be categorised into the following:

  1. 2-stroke fuel engine – This is by far the cheapest but it can also be the most unreliable in producing power. You’ll end up refuelling your unit more than usual if you choose this.
  2. 4-stroke fuel engine – Might be a lot heavier than 2-stroke but it is more fuel-efficient and reliable. It’s a great balance between affordability and quality.
  3. Diesel – More on the expensive side. It is considered safer because it has a higher ignition point than petrol and is the most fuel-efficient of them all.

The unit’s weight

It may be misleading when they say “portable generator” because most units are heavy and might require two persons to lift it off the ground. The weight is critical especially when refuelling. Storage can also be a problem when you have heavier and larger units.

Do’s and Don’ts When Using a Caravan Generator

Camper generators can come with plenty of hazards. This is given in any type of equipment so if you are still a novice operator, here’s a lit of all you need to know:

1. Do keep your generator dry

Generators can produce massive amounts of electricity so you should remember to store them properly and keep them dry all the time. As much as you can, never bring your generator outside when it rains or snow. You should not touch it with your bare, wet hands to avoid getting electrocuted

2. Don’t use a caravan generator in closed spaces

Aside from electrocution and fire, another hazard is carbon monoxide poisoning when using a caravan generator. Most generators are powered by the same fuel used for vehicles so the burnt fuel must go somewhere. When using it inside an enclosed space, you should put a hose on the exhaust pipe, putting the other end inside your car and rolling up the vehicle while inside. You can also avoid carbon monoxide poisoning by bringing your generator outside, under a tarp.

3. Do turn the generator off once in a while and when refuelling

Most Australians campground has their own guidelines when it comes to noise so you should turn off your generators once in a while. Your fuel can also go to waste when you let your generator run the whole day. Just turn it on when in use. When refuelling, just turn the generator off and let it cool down first. The fuel is flammable so any direct contact with the engine can cause a serious accident. Lastly, your fuel should also be stored properly to avoid accidental fires.

4. Don’t overload your generator

Be careful of how many appliances are plugged into your generator. Overloading can result in overheating and can lead to more serious problems. You’re lucky if you only end up with a toasted generator but worst case is you may even start a forest fire. If you need to use more appliances, make sure the sum of power you need is matched to the power capacity of your generator.

5. Do read the instruction manual

Not reading your generators instruction manual can cause you to miss some important details like the compatible fuel for it to run. Every generator has its own unique list of so’s and don’t so you should never miss reading the manual. What you know for the other type may not be compatible with your current one.

6. Do try and use your generator at least once a month

Storing your caping generator and not using it for a month can shorten its lifespan. Try and use it at least once a month and just let it run for a few minutes to make sure it’s in a good working condition when you’re ready to fo camping again the next time.

It’s also advisable to fill your generator with new gasoline before running. It’s impractical to bring your generator to a fuel station for the maintenance start-up. You can also invest in a gasoline stabiliser so you can still use your stored fuel.

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