Welcoming the Innovative EU32i To The Honda Range

New Honda eu32i

Big on power and with the convenience of an app, Honda’s latest 3kVA Class generator is the world’s lightest!

New to the stable of Honda generators is the ingenious EU32i that offers users not only immense power, but the most user-friendly machine they’ve ever designed.

Honda’s generators have always been at the forefront of innovation and the new EU32i is no exception. This 3kVA class generator is the world’s lightest in its category at under 27kg, making it easily portable for anyone who needs to take it on the go.

Read on to see why it’s a favourite of ours already

Handy and reliable in any environment

With the diversification of generator usage, including as a source of power for outdoor and recreational activities and as a backup power supply during emergency situations like natural disasters, the demand for high-output yet lightweight, portable generators has increased.

To meet this demand here’s the EU32i, an all-new generator equipped with a newly-developed dedicated GX130 engine with a sine wave inverter, featuring both 3kVA-class high output and lightweight, compact and highly portable packaging. Honda’s original sine wave inverter technology is used in the EU32i to provide a stable supply of high-quality electrical output with a smooth waveform. This even makes the EU32i compatible with precision instruments that require high-quality electricity.

With multiple features, it’s guaranteed this machine will dominate the 3kVA class generator market!

This ‘high-output’ generator is a world first

Typically found in cars and powerboats, Honda are the very first to integrate a high-output, engine into a portable, fuel-injected generator. The impressive 3,200 watts of output and the continuous performance that has been effective in the automotive and marine industries for years can now be relied on remotely, during blackouts and at professional events. This dependable power supply doesn’t even have to stop for refuelling; simply top up the tank as the engine is running.

It’s easy to move and simple to start

Weighing in at only 26.5kg, this very latest model has come a long way from the previous EU30i which needed to be moved by trolley. It’s possible to just pick up the EU32i and relocated it to exactly where you need it. This ease of use of this generator even extends to the start functionality too, with the ability to get it going in just 2 easy steps. Honda keeps the end-user in mind and has even simplified the operating interface to get you powered up in an instant.

Power meets efficiency

Honda proves without a doubt that even engines with a huge capacity for power, can still operate remarkably efficiently. And this high-performance engine actually delivers emissions compliant with several future EU regulations.

The EU32i is equipped with an Eco throttle, allowing the generator to sense and automatically adjust engine speed to produce only the specific amount of power needed for the application in use. It’s the first generator of its kind, with built-in fuel injection to optimise fuel usage and delivery in order to efficiently manage engine temperature and power requirements.

User-friendly interface

The EU32i generator’s front panel has been designed for simple operation, with every component clearly identifiable, from the on/off settings to the status lights to the Eco throttle and circuit breakers.

A design that’s unmistakably Honda

The EU32i is really like no other generator and every component of the machine’s exterior has been created to match contemporary design trends across the company’s lineup. Its angular form is strong and distinctive, reflecting its uniqueness and the powerful performance it promises to provide.

Innovative and intuitive app control

Pair the EU32i with the iOS or Android smartphone app and enjoy the power of a truly contemporary machine.  Using the app and Bluetooth connectivity, key service information and maintenance alerts get sent to users in real-time. You can also check on output power, have a look at the fuel gauge to see if levels are running low and activate a remote stop if ever needed.

The intelligent generator will automatically notify you of any issues, and it will allow you to contact your dealer directly from the app if assistance is required. You may name each power source connected to the application and monitor numerous machines at the same time because of the ability to toggle between several generators on the app.

So many uses, anywhere and everywhere

The EU32i is a powerful, lightweight generator that allows professional photographers, construction workers and even event organisers to place their trust in a high-output power source that they can transport themselves and run seamlessly from an app. Genius! It’s also an ideal solution for consumers seeking reliable long-lasting power for their RV or caravan, or a highly dependable supply in case of a natural disaster or reoccurring blackouts.

It’s a machine designed and built, like all Honda industrial products, with real-life in mind and we’re excited to announce the EU32i will be arriving soon at The Generator Place! Be sure to call us today on 1800 442 447 and we’ll make sure you hear about it first.

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