What are Plasma Lighters and How Do They Work?

The lighter – such a common household item, widely used yet often overlooked and very underrated. Like many of the daily tools we rely on, lighters have evolved quite significantly over time from flint spark models to zippo lighters, disposable Bic lighters and now plasma lighters which are changing the game and becoming a very popular choice for everyday lighting needs.

What is a plasma lighter?

A plasma lighter is a type of electric lighter that uses an electrical arc rather than a flame to create the heat necessary to light kindling, a camping stove, candles and fireplaces. The high-voltage arc is created between two electrodes within the body of the lighter which are connected to a power source, usually a lithium-ion battery.

When you push the button on your plasma lighter, a small amount of current flows through the circuit to the electrodes where it ionizes the air particles around them. This forms an invisible plasma channel between the electrodes which can then be used as a conductor for electricity. When you bring this conducting pathway into contact with your candle wick or another object you want to light, it quickly heats up to temperatures hot enough to cause combustion.

How do plasma lighters work?

Plasma lighters work by using a high voltage arc to create heat instead of a flame. This makes them windproof, flameless, comparatively safer and environmentally friendly as there is no fuel or butane required.

Most plasma lighters will have a dual arc which means there are two electrical points that will create a spark when activated. This allows for a larger surface area to be heated up which makes it easier to light things like kindling or even a gas stove.

The battery life of plasma lighters can vary but they generally last much longer than traditional lighters as there is no open flame that needs to be maintained.

Apart from portability and reliability, there are several other benefits of using a plasma lighter such as:

  • Plasma lighters are windproof: The high voltage arc is not affected by strong winds making them ideal for outdoor use.
  • Plasma lighters are flameless: There is no open flame so there is less risk of burns and accidental fires.
  • Safer to use: plasma lighters do not produce any toxic fumes and there is no risk of gas leaks.
  • Environmentally friendly: plasma lighters are rechargeable and do not require any fuel or butane making them a more sustainable choice.

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