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Choosing a generator

Generators can provide you with many comforts of home. It can come in handy when campfires are not allowed and can provide heat, light, air conditioning and more. Here are a few more uses of the generator when camping.

Uses Of A Generator When Camping

To sum it all up, the main reason you’ll want a generator for your next trip is that you want it to be more enjoyable, it also provides you with a few comforts of home while exploring nature.

Generators have been used for many decades but generators today are very different from before. Modern technology allows the new generators to be much quieter, easier to use, transport and haul. This allows you to enjoy the wild while enjoying a hot meal or a hot cup of coffee.

Here are a few things and appliances that you can enjoy with inverter generator technology:
  • Microwaves
  • Camping lights
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • TV
  • Fridge
  • Portable DVD players
  • Electric camp stove
  • Coffee pot

These are just a few uses of an inverter generator. It can provide you with many comforts of home. It can come in handy when campfires are not allowed and can provide heat, light, air conditioning and more.

The Evolution of the Generator

These days, you can easily purchase a four-stroke generator at a reasonable price. It can power any appliance or device you need which is perfect for camping or taking your RV/camper anywhere you like. It’s easy to use a generator that is simple to transport and can provide you comfort while outside.

They are lightweight and compact which can be used to power up small TV’s, radios and air conditioners when camping out. As long as there’s enough fuel, you can run it as long as needed based on load capacity and runtime per tank. Determining how much fuel you need for each appliance per day can tell you the runtime of the generator. Plan on bringing an extra fuel along just in case you run out.

Keep Your Batteries Charged

If you’re out on a trip and enjoying with friends and family, the last thing you want to happen is all your gadgets dying. Even the smallest four-stroke generator can ensure you stay charged up and connected. It will allow you to run any type of twelve-volt appliances like mini-fridge, DVD player and camping lights.

Simply plug in the appliance into the generator’s outlet or remove the battery pack and plug it in. You’ll find that this can power up any device on a full charge in just one to two hours.

AC in the Backcountry

Just in case you ended up camping during the hottest month of the year, you can still enjoy it with the use of a small, portable air conditioner. This can be a  lifesaver, especially at night. Generators are designed to handle a major appliance like a mini air conditioner for six to twelve hours, depending on your generator. Sometimes, your RV or camper may not have enough juice to power up your air conditioner. This can be a struggle during hot, summer nights. A camping generator can come to the rescue so you can sleep comfortably all night long.

Don’t Miss Your Favourite TV Show/News Program

No more saying goodbye to your favourite programs even when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Your generator can power up a small TV and when you have a satellite dish, you can stay in touch with your favourite TV program and local news.

Hot Food

During the hot and dry seasons, it may not be allowed to set up a campfire and this may affect the dishes you eat. You won’t want to live off cold sandwiches the whole trip, so bringing an inverter generator with you can help power up a microwave or small electric stove.

Camping Lights

Without a campfire, it may be harder to see at night and it’s hard to do anything without lights. You can use a generator to power up rechargeable lanterns and camping lights. A well-lit campsite is safe and can be more enjoyable. You can play any games you want, you can interact with more camping buddies and more.

Hunting and Fishing

If you love eating fresh fish after a long day of fishing then a generator can come handy. You can power up an electric fish scaler or an electric knife making the preparation and cooking much easier. You can also use it to power a small freezer to keep your catch fresh until preparation.

Smartphones and Tablets

Unlike conventional generators, an inverter generator can charge your smartphone and tablets because it provides clean energy. Conventional generators can also damage sensitive electronics so inverter generators are the best and safest option. New models of inverter generator can also come with USB ports so you don’t take up the outlets.

When you Run Out of Fuel

One downside of using an inverter generator is that it runs on fuel. Expect ongoing fuel costs and running out at some point when you don’t monitor carefully. If you want to save on fuel costs, just purchase the best RV solar panel for your rig. Solar panels can produce just enough juice to run larger appliances and a few smaller appliance.

All the Comforts of Home

A portable generator allows you to bring several favourite appliances and devices. But before buying anything, make sure you have a lit of all the gears and appliances you plan to bring, know how much fuel they consume to help you meet your power needs. You can also use this list as a guide when buying fuels.




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