What Is Campervanning?

What Is Campervanning

Campervanning is becoming a trend these recent years. So, here are 14 hacks and tips to make a successful campervanning trip.

What Is Campervanning?

Campervanning is becoming a trend these recent years. Most people would prefer it than the usual tent camping because it is obviously more convenient, more comforting and it gives the freedom they want.

It will allow you to experience the great outdoors and spend quality time with your friends and family in the relative comfort of your homes and lets you travel anytime and anywhere you want.

In purchasing a campervan, you should be mindful of its overall features like accessories, facilities, mileage, engine power, storage capacity and fuel consumption to make sure that the money you spent is all worth it.

Fun and enjoyment are what we always expect on every camping trip, but it may be ruined when you didn’t plan for it properly.

Here are some tips for a fun, more enjoyable campervan trip.

1.Pack only the essentials

In packing the things that you’ll be needing, consider the storage capacity of your campervan. You should only be packing the things that are essential on your trip and your checklist should include the ff:

  • Clothes. Always bring extra clothes and keep in mind that temperate conditions will not be the same during the day and during the night. It’s important to bring clothes appropriate for hot days and cold nights.
  • Don’t ever forget to pack things essential for proper hygiene such as toothbrush, soap, a bottle of shampoo, some wet wipes and deodorant.
  • Bring foods that will be enough to supplement you for the entire duration of your camping trip. It’s much better if you have a mini-fridge or cooler to keep perishable foods properly chilled.
  • It is always great to bring along things that would be a great help in case of an emergency such as cell phone chargers, flashlights, bug repellants, sunscreen, matches, towels, power banks, universal adapter and first aid kits.


2. Chose where to camp carefully

Choosing the best spot is very important for campervanning. Safety, access to water, and flat surface are the factors you need to consider in choosing the right spot.


3.Double check everything before leaving

It’s always a must to double-check everything before leaving. Check if you got all the things you need inside your campervan. Has your campervan checked by professionals in a car service to make sure that it is in a good condition?


4. How to bare necessities

Not all campervans are designed to have their own toilet. So if your campervan is one of those who don’t own a toilet, you need to know the designated toilet. It would be best to make a toilet as far from the van as you can. If your van owns a toilet, make sure to empty the waste when you’re at the gas station.


5. Remember to water refill

Don’t wait for your water tanks to run out of the water before you refill it. Water is very important, so prioritise refilling it whenever you have the opportunity.


6. Avoid wasting electricity

Remember to always turn off the lights and engines before you go to sleep. Conserve electricity as much as you can. But if you have a camping generator, then you may be able to enjoy a little bit more of everything.

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7. Keep that flashlight handy

A flashlight is a must-have to any kind of trip, even on a campervan trip. Though firing up the engine is a good source of light, for power conservation, it would be better to use a flashlight for some reasonable purposes like going to the bathroom.


8. Don’t forget about pillows and blankets

This is why double-checking of your packed things are important before leaving, for you not to forget the most important things that you’ll be needing such as pillows and blankets. Expect the night to be cold, so don’t forget to pack thick blankets and soft pillows for a goodnight sleep.


9. Lock your campervan

Never leave your van unlocked. Remember that you’re in an unfamiliar place, don’t feel very comfortable. Make sure that you lock your campervan every time you leave.


10. Air your van

Keep the door and windows of your van wide open to have proper air circulation and ventilation. Avoid parking under the heat of the sun.


11. Camping vs stopping wherever you feel like it

The best thing about campervanning is you have the options to camp whenever and wherever you want or to try out a paid camping spot where they offer various facilities like shower, bedroom and a place to eat.


12. Stock up on snacks and booze

Fire up the fun with some cold beers and snacks


13. Keep your eye on that fuel gauge

Make sure that you will not run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere! Estimate your fuel consumption and be sure to know where to find a servo so you’ll know exactly when and where to stop.


14. Tell a family member where you’re going

You’ll never know what’s going to happen, so it would be great to let someone whom you can trust know where you are going, the length of the trip and who you are with and keep the emergency numbers on the quick dial in case something goes wrong.

Campervanning just like any other adventure trip is fun and exciting. Every part is worth remembering but of course, safety should always be the first priority.

Make sure that if you’re going to drive the campervan, you’re physically and mentally well-conditioned.

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