What to Consider When Buying a Generator for Your Small Business

Buying a Generator

If you’re like most small business owners, you’re always looking for ways to save money and one way to do that is by investing in equipment that will help you run your business more efficiently. A generator can be a great investment for small businesses, but it’s important to consider a few things before making your purchase. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the things you should keep in mind when buying a generator for your small business.

Why it makes sense to have a generator for your small business

When the power goes out, your business doesn’t have to. A generator keeps the lights on and the cash register ringing, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. Whether it’s a summer storm or even a heatwave, a generator can keep your business up and running when the power goes down. That means no lost sales, no frustrated customers, and no disruptions to your business. A generator is an essential piece of equipment for any small business, and it makes good sense to have one on hand in case of an emergency. Not only will it keep your business running smoothly, but it will also give you peace of mind knowing that you’re prepared for whatever comes your way.

What sorts of generators are suitable for small business owners?

When it comes to powering a small business, there are a variety of generator options to choose from. For businesses that only need a backup power source for occasional blackouts or power outages, a portable generator may be the most suitable option. These generators are relatively inexpensive and can be easily stored away when not in use. However, they probably aren’t ideal for extended use, as they tend to be noisy and produce fumes. For businesses that require a more reliable power source, a standby generator may be a better choice and this type is built-in and require professional installation. Ultimately, the best type of generator for your small business will depend on your specific needs and budget and of course we’re always happy to provide advice that takes into account your specific situation.

How much power do you need?

Another important consideration when choosing a generator is how much power you’ll need to keep your business running. The type and power output of the generator you’ll need will depend on the type and size of equipment you’re using, as well as how many appliances you need to run at the same time. For example, if you’re only running a few lights and a small refrigerator, a portable generator with a power output of around 1000 watts should suffice. However, if you need to power larger equipment like air conditioners or computers, you’ll need a generator with higher power output. It’s always best to err on the side of caution and choose a generator that can handle more power than you think you’ll need.

Factor in the operating costs of a generator

Any business owner knows that there are a lot of expenses that go into keeping the doors open and the lights on. In addition to rent, utilities, and payroll, businesses also have to factor in the cost of maintaining their equipment. For companies that rely on generators to power their operations, this includes the cost of fuel and routine maintenance. While the initial purchase price of a generator can be significant, it’s important to remember that the operating costs can also add up over time. As a result, businesses need to budget for these costs and factor them into their overall expense planning.

No matter what type of small business you have, a generator can be a valuable asset. When choosing a generator for your business, it’s important to seek qualified advice and our generator experts will be happy to assist you, just get in touch on 1800 442 447.

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