Which Generator is Right for You?

When looking around our website for the ideal generator to buy, we understand that the options and selection process can be quite overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put this article together to give you a basic overview of each generator we sell, so you can easily see exactly what you get out of each model.

We’ve covered all the generators here that any typical homeowner or caravan and camping enthusiast would love to own. Please note you won’t find industrial generator suggestions here. Head over to our Industrial Generators page if you’re looking for a generator to use in your workshop.

EU10i Honda Generator

EU10i Honda Generator – This model is compact, lightweight and affordable. Ideal for charging basic electronic appliances for short periods of time. It’s also super quiet, making it a desired choice for camping and caravanning. The EU10i also features an eco-throttle for economical operation.

Camping – The most popular choice for camping, setting the new standard in portable power weighing in at only 13kg and super quiet.

Caravan – Suitable to use in caravans without air conditioning. Can charge most appliances used in a caravan.

Home Use –  This model can keep you going with the essentials in a blackout until the power returns. Can be used to run lights, TV’s, computers and a small fridge in your home.

Price – $1,499

Is this the Right Choice for you? – Whether you’re camping in a tent, camper trailer or if you’re spending some recreational time outdoors and need a power source for your essentials, the is a great fit. This is the ideal choice for a budget conscious camper or homeowner who only wants to power up the essentials during a blackout.

EU22i Honda Generator

EU22i Honda Generator – This is a great all-rounder that delivers commercial quality electricity and is ideal for frequency sensitive electronics such as computers. The EU20i is powerful, portable, super quiet and economical on fuel. It can be used just about anywhere.

Camping – Ideal for camping, offering power to a superior range of camping applications.

Caravanning – Top pick for caravanning, with the portability and power to run everything in your caravan, including the air conditioning.

Motorhome – Combining portability and power at an affordable price, this generator has it all for motorhomes with air conditioning units.

Home Use – This model is powerful enough to run electricity for many larger appliances including a TV, fridge and air conditioner, making it a great pick for emergency power supply for blackouts.

Price – $2,099

Is This the Right Choice for You? This mid-range generator can do it all at a price you’ll love, delivering incredible value for money and bang for your buck. You can get both recreational and home use out of this generator, which makes it one of our most popular picks.

EU30iu Honda Generator

EU30iu Honda Generator – The power and longevity you need, paired with a lightweight design, the EU30iu is 43% lighter than other EU30is models. This generator is built for portability and transportation with in-built wheels and a retractable handle, making it easy to load, move and set up. It’s also super quiet.

Caravans – Can power up everything electrical in your caravan without any hassle.

Motorhomes –The power output, lightweight design and portability features make the EU30iu a great choice for motorhomes.

Home Use – Most of your household power applications are covered with this powerful and portable generator. You can keep using the lights and appliances as normal during a blackout.

Price – $3,359

Is This the Right Choice for You? This economical, quiet and efficient powerplant provides ample power for any job at hand while producing very little noise. If you need something that makes minimal noise while packing a punch for power, this is the quietest generator you will find in its market segment.

EU30is Honda Generator

EU30is Honda Generator – The EU30is delivers commercial quality electricity and features both an electric and remote start. This model also has a high-speed multi-point alternator which is integrated into the engine itself. It’s also parallel connection capable allowing you to double your output to 6Kva.

Caravans – Ideal for caravans with the added benefit of electric start and remote start for your convenience.

Motorhomes – Top pick for taking on the road in your motorhome. The Eu30is allows you to experience all the same comforts of home including providing power to your computer.

Home Use – By combining power and economy, this generator will meet your individual load demands and will keep everything running as if there were no power outage at all.

Price – $4,199

Is This the Right Choice for You? The EU30is is perfect for home, recreational and professionals use, with the features and power input you want while still being portable. If you’re looking for an economical choice, this model wins out with the ability to adjust engine speed to meet the load demand.

EU70is Honda Generator

EU70is Honda Generator – Ideal for emergency home and business power backup and can be used as a heavy-duty motorhome generator. The EU70is has superior fuel efficiency and can last 18 hours on a single tank. It will also start first time, every time. The liquid crystal display also makes this generator easy to use by providing information about the performance of the generator.

Motorhome – A great heavy-duty option for motorhomes with unbeatable longevity for power output.

Home Use – The ultimate home generator choice, providing your household with a reliable and consistent energy supply. Both homes and businesses can expect ideal emergency power backup from the EU70is.

Professional – The reliable and consistent energy provided by the EU70is is a great choice for coffee vans and food trucks. It can also be used as blackout backup for your business.

Price – $6,599

Is This the Right Choice for You? You won’t go without when making this top of the line choice. The Eu70is has the guts for emergency home and business backup, but it also makes for a great heavy-duty option for motorhomes. If you’re after commercial grade electricity that will last a long time on a single tank of fuel and is easy to use, it’s got to be the EU70is.


Need some more guidance on picking a generator? Head over to our Getting the Right Generator page for even more information and guidance. 

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